Battle Creek Launch – 11.19.21


Battle Creek 

13 HIM braved the cold and kept warm with a sandbag beat down this morning at the inauguration of #ao-battle-creek. 11/19/2021  @Bubba Gump @MapQuest @Operation @Pancreas @Tijuana @Clipart @Jalisco @Lone Star @Three’s Company @Heidi (1st F Q) @Fuller @Wiggums @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) QIC

Disclaimer: weight is heavy. Be careful.
Air squats
Jump squats
Michael Phelps
Torso rotations
Dumb and Dumber
The Thang

Dora- one partner works while the other politicians up the hill and moseys down. Flip flop
25 Burpee over bag (lateral)
50 clean and slam
75 Endorphin
100 bear hug squat
125 merkin and drag (this makes merkins harder, it's a drag)
Muletown launch tomorrow
Turkey Path Tday morning
Check slack for the rest
Prayer Requests
Praises for all the missing kids who have been returned!
My brother is being tested for a blood disorder
Andrew Peterson is a singer songwriter who has written a series of children’s books that are straight up fantastic.
One of his characters, Podo Helmer, is a grizzled old pirate who fiercely loves his 3 grandchildren and will fight for them with all he has. Over the course of the story all of his dirty laundry, shame, and guilt are exposed to his family. He stand before them in his peril and his shame and they know everything that he had ever tried to hide.
Yet they love him. And he lives out his days fully known and fully loved.
What would that be like?

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