Muscle Beach – 11.19.21

8 HIM said “Good morning Thompson Station!” at #ao-musclebeach today: @Offsides, @Cosmo, @Soul Glo, @Night Light, @Reset, @Veronica, @OPIE, and Q (@Rudolph).
Warm-o-rama, welcome, and disclaimer
Thang #1
90 second AMRAP at 7 stations on the beach
Negative ruck pull-ups / ruck merkins w/30# ruck
Sandbag toss w/60# sb
Cindy squats / dumbbell flies
Renegade rows (2x 30# dumbbells)
Sledge hammer tire
Dead lift w/100# sb
Endorphins / kill the bag w/60# sb
One PAX performs 30 reps w/slam ball at the flags, then hands off to another PAX. Continuous rotation.
Completed 2 circuits
Thang #2
Carry all weight to the top of the hill behind the Hall of Justice, then stop and admire beautiful Thompson Station sunrise
Carry all weight to the Christmas Tree, then complete a Round of Arnold
Carry all weight back to the beach, then complete a Round of Mary
See #_announcements
F3SH has a big opportunity to bless children in need by purchasing simple Christmas gifts. Please consider filling out a couple of spaces on this list:
Prayer Requests
Praise: @Cosmo’s M’s friend’s son has been found and is safe!
Praise: @Chowdah – Community Outreach’s niece has been found and is safe!
Praise: @F3-Mary Ann’s job interview went well.
@Soul Glo’s 2.0 is sick with a double ear infection.
“I speak the truth in Christ—I am not lying, my conscience confirms it through the Holy Spirit— I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart.” Romans 9:1-2
As I try to seek God’s will and truth in my life, I’m often unsure that what I’m doing is what God wants me to do. I have the desire to please God, but sometimes I don’t know what the looks like in my life. In this verse, Paul is leaning heavily on the Holy Sprit, our helper, to affirm his conscience and as he tries to speak the truth. I hope we can find comfort in looking to the Holy Spirit as we aim to please God through our actions, and know that he sees our heart and our desire to do good.

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