Armory – 9-4-21

The Kwambine was another classic this morning, as we registered 11 newcomers (!) and 18 total : @Hot Mic Tribute @Peewee (TRAPP) @Ron Swanson @Jalisco @Snooki @Thin Mint @Night Light @Cross-Stitch @Rudolph @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck @Danica @Three’s Company @FICO @Soul Glo @Earhart @ragdoll @Pancreas (Nant’an) and YHC @Kwame

Just like the NFL version, we tested our physical abilities in 6 categories: Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, Bench Press, 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle and the 3-Cone Drill. As always we had a few surprises, and a few records come down today. So without further ado, let’s get to today’s medal winners:

Vertical Jump
@Thin Mint 26” (KR- Kwambine Record)
@Jalisco 22”
@Cross-Stitch 22”

Bench Press
@Cross-Stitch 42 reps (KR)
@Night Light 32
@Soul Glo 30

Broad Jump
@Earhart 94”
@Cross-Stitch 93”
@Rudolph and @FICO 91”

40-Yard Dash
@ragdoll 5.54
@Cross-Stitch 5.58
@Rudolph 5.73

20-Yard Shuttle
@Rudolph and @Thin Mint 5.26
@PrimeTime Kwame 5.33

3-Cone Drill
@PrimeTime Kwame 7.15 (KR)
@Rudolph 7.21
@Peewee (TRAPP) 7.54

Overall Medal Count:
@Thin Mint
@PrimeTime Kwame
@Night Light
@Soul Glo
@Peewee (TRAPP)

That is extremely impressive! Of the 18 world class athletes that participated 11 landed on the podium with some hardware, including a big shout out to @Thin Mint for making his two medals count by snagging gold 2 for 2! The common denominator from the top 2 performers today: they were a combined 46 years old. Just wait til you get some years on ya boys!!!!

this week is disruption week- attend AOs you haven’t before, try something new!
Wednesday after #ao-primetime there is an informational meeting about the November 2022 trip to Patagonia (Argentina and Chile)- please attend to find out more: 8pm at Gary’s Place in Spring Hill
check slack for opportunity to help out the folks in Waverly

@Jalisco praise for 2.0’s 6th birthday today.
Proud papa!
@Soul Glo ‘s parents are traveling, pray for safety
praise for @FICO ‘s brother back from Afghanistan safely
Thanks for coming out today guys, it really is special for me to Q this one, and I’m glad y’all have a good time with it. :pray:
Kwame out

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