Darkhorse – 9.04.21

PAX: 13 Total. A perfect number not realized until just now, given that we were honoring the 13 that lost their lives in Afghanistan.
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The stage was set. A candle was lit for each soldier who gave their life in Afghanistan. The candle was placed in a paper bag that had their name, age, and an exercise listed.
We started the morning off by listening to the Whitney Houston rendition of the National Anthem.  Tears were shed.
We worked out at the pavilion where we performed the list of workouts below. Between each exercise we carried a weight and walked to the basketball ct where we held a 1 minute plank during which we refrained from talking. We then moseyed back to the pavilion and performed the next exercise.
The number of reps we did was determined by the age of each soldier (as noted in parenthesis)13 lives lost – 1 flag, 13 candles
Sgt Johanny Rosario Pichardo (25) – Merkins
Sgt Nicole L Gee (23) – 4 count SSH
Staff Sgt Sarin T. Hoover (31) – 2 count Mtn Climbers
Cpl Hunter Lopez (22) – Burpees
Cpl Daegan W Page (23) – 4 count Flutter kicks
Cpl Humberto A. Sanchez (22) – Carolina Dry docks
Lance Cpl David L Espinoza (20) – weighted Squats
Lance Cpl Jared M Schmitz (20) – 2 count dips
Lance Cpl Rylee J McCollum (20) – weighted lunges
Lance Cpl Dylan R Merola (20) – 2 count curls
Lance Cpl Kareem M Nikoui (20) – dead lifts
Navy Corpsman Maxton W  Soviak (22) – Weighted Overhead presses
Staff Sgt Ryan C Knauss (23) 3 sets of 23 calf raises (in, out, straight)Sweat was shed
:Labor Day Schedule:
Double Murph
The citadel9/11 – workout
  • armory
  • Darkhorse
Tennessee Tussle – 11/6
  • 4 man teams
  • 3 divisions
GoRuck Star CoursePrayer Requests:
  • Yaris marriage
  • Heidi M had a promising first oncology appt
  • Wiggins – M fertility difficulties
  • Green Acres – busy work and life schedule
  • Chowdah s wife has lupus
  • Nightlights M and Daughter in Quarantine releasing today
  • Appreciate your freedoms, but don’t take them for granted. What we enjoy has come at the cost of the lives of others. Encourage your 2.0’s to understand that sacrifice, but make sure you don’t lose sight of it as well.

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