The Citadel – 9.6.21

4 PAX | Sublime Conditions

@Baby Gap @Yaris @stirrups and YHC (@foosball) decided that Tollgate was too calm, so we overlaid classic rock with burpees.
SSH, bacs, bac-bacs, wmh, some other things.
50 crabby toe touches
50 sit throughs
THANG (2 sandbags and 2 rucks were carried throughout)
The Wall x3
10 merkin into shoulder taps
10 surrenders into squat jumps
10 donkey kicks
The Pit – Dora (P1 is working P2 is sprinting or politician-ing up the hill)
115 Big Boys (115 is the number of nations who last a citizen in the towers)
99 hand release merk (99 days the fires burned after the attacks)
56 burpees (56 for the number of minutes the towers burned before falling)
P1 20 pikes P2 American hammers w/ ruck
P1 50 flutter kicks P2 big boys w/ ruck
check slack for running announcements.
continued prayers for @Yaris – will be moving out at the end of the month as him and his wife are splitting. He’s shown amazing discipline for his work with his 2.0s and himself.
Prayers for @Heidi (1st F Q) and his M as they battle breast cancer.
All the families and soldiers around the world, especially on the 20 year anniversary of 911
It’s important for us to understand our impact is bigger than the moment or the immediate people involved. It requires a level of intentionally and a vision for the bigger picture. It’s easy for us to get stuck in the moment with our heads down, but we are a part of a larger community, a larger world, we should act like it.

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