Armory – 9.05.2020

@Tiny Dancer@Three’s Company@Peewee@Heidi@Ron Swanson@Dizzy Gillespie@Rudolph@Joey Freshwater
QIC: @Lone Star
Warm Up:
5 Good Mornings OYO
Abe Vigodas x12 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Iron Mike x10 IC
Mosey to flagpole and stop for a round of merkins
5 merkins per person (9×5=45)
Merkin Wave – 5 waves completed
Mosey across the street to the corral for a short field trip.
Everyone between a post on the westside
5 Derkins with feet in lowest panel
Lunge to other side
5 Derkins with feet on 2nd panel from ground – lunge back
5 Derkins with feet on 2nd from top panel – lunge across
5 Derkins with feet on top of fence – lunge back
Then keep going until the derkins are back on lowest panel.

Then another round of derkins with feet starting at top of fence and down to each panel for 5 derkins on each panel without dropping feet.

Mosey back to Harvey Park
Speed bump to do 25 dips over the creek cement bridge. Let’s add another 20 dips.
Complete mosey to park
Circle up for another round of merkin waves!
These weren’t as fluid, water got choppy as we finished the 6th wave.
On to a Lone Star classic:
Deconstructed Body Builders w/ 4 stops in parking lot (10×4=40 Reps each exercise)
10 Jump Squats – mosey
10 Groiners – mosey
10 Merkins – politician
10 Plank Jacks – politician
10 Body Builders – mosey
Took a lap around the park at a slow mosey pace to loosen up after the body builder madness
Stopped at northwest corner of trail to do Native American plank/bear crawl where everyone got 2 turns to bear crawl to front of plank line.
Round of Mary:
Flutter kicks
American hammers
Burpees (thanks Fresh Train)
Freddy Mercury’s
Froggy Mountain Climbers
Straight Leg Mercury’s
Finished with a plank or flutter kick as we listened to motivational speech called:
It’s Not Easy but It’s Worth It
Monday is Labor Day where we will get some Murph on, 2 of them that is. Double Murph Labor Day @ Evans Park @ 5:30AM
Fort Pain this week will be another Q for yours truly and next Saturday @ Armory will be a VQ for @Three’s Company!
Prayer Requests:
@Foosball’s fam with the newborn
All the usuals of PAX being injured or sick and everyone dealing with the current events.
Tied to the motivational speech we listened to of never giving up and to keep putting in the work that isn’t easy now but will pay off. This is for whatever you do or are involved in, not just working out but everyday life.  You are never going to be the best but you have to keep trying to be the best. Any failures are lessons and you have to keep the faith that it’ll turn but you have to keep trying because that is where your character will be built, in the trying.


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