The TRAPP – 9.03.2020

3 HIM braved the dark gloom this morning.

YHC, @Joey Freshwater, and @Gremlin

Extra gloomy and eerily quiet out there this morning, which made it that much more rewarding!  Treated to a brief rain shower along the trail which was kind of cool coming down through the headlamp.

4.2 miles total. Cloudy morning, so no sunrise to view, but not a single regret putting in the work this morning.

-Prayers for all of our F3 brothers struggling with injuries
-Prayers for @Joey Freshwater’s son. Lots of prayers needed, for better decision making, direction and motivation to get things together.
-Prayers for all of our children and specifically Williamson county schools, that our kids that just went back can continue to stay in and not have to go remote again.
-I’ve been struggling to get a good night’s sleep lately. Always battled it off and on. Highly functioning for now but know it will catch up with me if I don’t change something up soon.
Have a great Thursday gents!

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