Armory – 7.10.21

Quit or Grit
13 PAX did their part to support F3SH and our brothers at Darkhorse by coming out to Armory and keeping tradition alive. It would have been easy to skip on this one, as much of the focus (rightly so) is on the incredible opportunity to bless our brothers in Columbia. But today, we showed up and showed out.

PAX: @Olive @Jackie Moon @ToeJam @Timeshare @Dizzy Gillespie @Mulligan @MaryAnne @FICO @taco libre @Hot Mic @Joey Freshwater @Soccer Mom
YHC: @O’Douls

Prayer for @2Buck and the SLT as they bring Darkhorse down to Muletown. God is on the move and it’s a true blessing to be the sharp tip of the spear for the men of Middle TN.

15 SSH
10 BAC
Extra lower leg stretches OYO (they were needed)

Thang 1:
PAX-eloton: the men took turns leading the MOT in between each Exercises. We did our best to stay together as a group, or peloton.
Pre-MOT: To and Fro Bear Crawls – Dizzy (had to)
MOT: Lunge Walks to the school – Hot Mic
Exercise 1: Wall sit coupon pass (if you know my coupon you know…) 2x back and forth
MOT: Parking Lot Lap – Toe Jam
Exercise: Line up mid parking lot, squats while each PAX sprinted to end and back, switched to Merkins half way after Q’s sprint lap
MOT: Sprint back to school – Taco Libre (who clearly wanted to “get it over with…”)
Exercise: Wall Plank 4x20s
MOT: 30 seconds of meandering recovery – Time Share
Exercise: Gentlemen’s Wall Sit (one leg crossed) 4x30s…excellent practice for the holding of a bourbon and a cigar

Thang 2:
Underdog Foxholes
Each HIM picked a swing set, face down toward the ridge.
5 Merkins
Roll under swings (took 2 full rolls, up the backside was tough)
5 WW1
Roll back
5 Merkins
Sprint to fence and back
Rinse and repeat AMRAP until Q called time

Thang 3:
No Quit Trio
Each HIM picked a bench from the picnic tables under the pavilion.
10 Dips
10 Step ups
10 Elevated Merkins
Rinse and repeat
AMRAP 12 Minutes, no stop, no quit
The Mumblechatter was on point…and kudos for Jackie Moon and Hot Mic for adding leg raises and SMedium t-shirts.
Politicians – FICO

COT Mary
25 American Hammers IC
25 Alabama Prom Dates OYO (all the way to Mobile!!)
4 x 30s Planks method of your choosing

TBH I skipped that part, but we discussed the new AOs and @Hot Mic ‘s insane CSAUP idea during coffeeteria.

Prayer Requests:
@Timeshare family traveling
@taco libre brother coming from Mexico to work for the family business. He hasn’t seen his brother in a long time and this will be the first time in 10 years the family is together.
@MaryAnne healing from his bike accident. It’s affecting his training and he is concerned about being ready for his Ultra event in the fall
@Dizzy Gillespie prayer and praise for his move, patience for his M and health for him

In life, we want to think that decision making is complex and difficult. In reality, it only comes down to one decision made hundreds of times every day: To Quit or To Grit.

As men we struggle with the need to succeed. We are taught that it’s the measure of our manhood. But that is a lie. Success is not the goal. Success is a RESULT. The goal is grit. Grit combines passion, perseverance, focus and execution into fuel for accomplishment. Our objective is not to accomplish but rather to persevere knowing confidently that accomplishment comes as likely outcome. It is choosing to Grit over Quit in each incremental moment that we encounter that becomes the difference between Acceleration and Failure. Show the courage inside of you and make the choice that honors the you we were meant to become.

I openly confess to being a quitter. I have spent much of my life seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, looking for accolade that helps me feel better about myself and seeking fuel for my addiction that helps me feel better in the moment. As a man, husband and father, I have white-knuckled my way through much of my like, and have succeeded some as well. All the while I have usually chosen Quit and not Grit.

I’m at a crossroads in my marriage as my youngest prepares to leave home. I am facing empty nest reality and a sea change in the dynamics of my marriage. It’s truly Quit or Grit time in my life. And, prayerfully I am choosing the more uncomfortable path (at least for me) and picking Grit. I am fighting for me, which will result in my marriage succeeding where it would fail if I quit on myself. And I am choosing to Quit the giving power to the Jesters in my life. I can only encourage all the PAX to do the same at every available opportunity.

It was a tremendous honor to lead you today, men. Thank you so much for choosing Grit alongside me.
@O’Douls out

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