Muscle Beach – 7.09.21

There was some miscommunication on the Q this morning, but it didn’t stop the beatdown. Everyone contributed to some aspect of Qing the workout.
Pax: @Blue Buffalo, @O’Douls, @Offsides, @Veronica, @Underoos, @Pancreas, @Soul Glo, @Tijuana, @opie, and @Three’s Company
51 SSHs
10 chain breakers
10 squats

Thang 1 – choose your own adventure.
Each person stood behind their coupon and picked their exercise of choice, then we rotated through each station. 1 minute on, 10 seconds off to move to next station. 2 Rounds:
Squat Thrusters
Skull Crushers
Coupon swings (kettle bell style)
Pull ups
Walking Merkins
Farmers Carry

Thang 2:
25 Big Boy Sit-ups w/coupon
25 American Hammers w/coupon
25 coupon presses with 6” leg hold

Thang 3 (an @Offsides special):
American Heritage coupon March from the beach to Peewees playhouse and back. Person in the front called out a mode of coupon carry or exercise. The exercises called out were:
Overhead carry
Lunge Walk
On your 6 Reverse American Heritage coupon pass
Coupon sled pushes of death
Maybe some other things I forgot.

#ao-darkhorse tomorrow in Columbia
new AOs starting next week. Check slack.

Prayer Requests:
Continued prayers for @Blue Buffalo’s mom and dealing with the loss of @Blue Buffalo’s dad. Figuring out the best living situation for her.
Safe travels for @Soul Glo’s parents. Also prayers for his M. Their youngest 2.0 hasn’t felt well and she is exhausted from it.

Prayers for #ao-darkhorse and @2Buck, and the impact this new AO will have in Columbia.

@Offsides. Continued prayers for his daughter (diabetic) and the rest of his family as they continue to figure things out with the treatment.
@Underoos praise that his M is home and everything went well with his daughter while she was away. She has another trip coming up soon.

Moleskin. @Soul Glo stepped up with a great word to close us out:
We showed up this morning and it wasn’t what we expected it to be. We all had to step up and lead ourselves. We improvised. It’s just like life a lot of times. We get dropped in the middle of something we didn’t expect, and it’s up to us to “pick up our coupon” and get to work.
Great words @Soul Glo, and Great work this morning fellas. @Night Light we missed you man, and no worries at all, but we did miss your leadership, and some “FRONT! BACK! MOOOVE!!” We’ll just have to let the anticipation build for next time!

Have a great Friday gentlemen!

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