Armory – 02.15.2020

11 men came out for a COLD (18°) beatdown this morning. With it being the day after Valentine’s Day, the theme of today was LOVE! It was my VQ and I did everything I could to make it a special day for everyone involved.

I tried to do a slightly longer warmup today with how cold it was.
1. Mosey a lap around the park
2. SSH – 35 (ish… I lost count trying to get used to calling the cadence and we may have gone to 40)
3. Zucchini picker AKA cherry pickers (aren’t cherries on trees? I’m confused by this one)
4. Michael Phelps

The Recipe of Love
Back in the day, Valentine’s Day was traditionally a Roman holiday that was celebrated with a lottery where men and women were paired together by chance for the day. (At least that’s what 20 seconds on Wikipedia taught me and I ran with it) So we payed homage to the roots of Valentine’s Day by doing a random chance workout! We used a board with the 6 ingredients in the “Recipe of Love.” Each man took turns rolling a dice to see which exercise we’d do next. 1. Sexy biceps – mosey to coupon hill and do 32 curls in cadence (w/ coupons) then mosey back
2. Sexy abs – 32 LBFCs (baby crunches during a flutter kick)
3. Love letters – ABCs (Get on your 6, feet 6” in the air, write the alphabet out with your feet)
4. Teddy bears – Bear crawl across the parking lot – high plank or al gore until 6 comes in
5. Diamond rings – 32 diamond merkins
6. Monkey humpers – 32 monkey humpers We let each man roll once and count off the exercise.

After that we did a lap around the park and came back. Sometimes Love is easy but sometimes it takes hard work, so we did another 15 minutes or so of rolling and exercising. Everyone seemed to really like that!

Lightning round
When fellow F3 friends in Atlanta (Exile, Snot Rocket, Rapid Fire) heard I was VQing and it was going to be love themed, they had a handful of helpful suggestions for exercises. I couldn’t leave those out!
1. 32 Pickle Pointers – On your 6, thrust your pickle to the sky while holding your core tight.
2. Tunnel of Love – Everyone high planks side by side and rotate through crawling under everyone (sort of like a modified leap frog).
3. Dirty Hookup (not Dirty Hookers as some thought I had said…) – Find a wall and high plank. 4 count putting arms both up on wall then down. Goal was 10 but with the frost it was too slippery so we did 5.
4. Cupid Shuffle – Q plays Cupid Shuffle (3:52 minute song): Do as they command from Plank Position Right=right; Left=left; kick=burpee; Down=merkin. Mountain Climbers when not doing movement. We cut it short because 2/3 of the group was just sitting around and couldn’t continue. In reviewing later we only had 12s left and should have pushed through!
5. 32 Gorilla humpers – Same as monkey humpers but feet wider than shoulders.

In attendance and prayer requests
1. @ragdoll
2. @Pancreas
3. @RoboCall (FNG, a friend of @Pancreas)
4. @Lone Star
5. @Ron Swanson– M having migraines and the doctors are still trying to figure out what’s going on.
6. @Operation – Praise – son wrote a note that he loved his dad after they’ve been having a hard time with the relationship
7. @Kwame
8. @Heidi
9. @Cosmo – M going on a trip to Guatemala to help perform surgeries for people in need
10. @Tiny Dancer
11. @Bogo – Doctors are still unsure why dads face and arm keep going numb

Q Notes:
– I feel like everyone learned a lot about love and relationships today and I hope you’re able to implement these important lessons into your life.
– You may have noticed a theme of 32 today. That’s because the 19th is my 32 birthday!
– All of these exercises, and their names, are in the lexicon. If you think I’m making something up and crass… go and see for yourself!
– Today is the first time I recall hearing @Pancreas complain about the exercise. I consider that a badge of honor.
– Thanks to @Lone Star for bringing beer for a VQ salute and @Operation for bringing hot coffee!

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