Black Ops – Longview – 02.14.2020

2 PAX (@Heidi, @Pancreas) got after it this morning for a short-n-sweet “make it up as you go” beatdown.

Light Stretching OYO
Mosey 1 lap around rec center parking lot (watch out for ice!)

10 burpees
40 crab walk toe touches
Head to the street light for 20 merkins, run to the next light for 20 SSH, then back to the first light for another 20 merkins
50 tricep dips
10 burpees
20 imperial walkers
20 jump squats
Mosey around half the parking lot
10 burpees

I think that’s it, but may have forgotten something. We ended after about 20 minutes with a quick COT, and an impromptu breaking and entering lesson when my car door lock was frozen shut.It was a great way to start the day!

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