Uprising – 02.18.2020

So when you think of the Houston Astros, many words come to mind: Cheaters, Liars, hateful derogatory thoughts about garbage cans…enter @Lone Star

As we all know, @Lone Star continues to be a fan, and not only does he acknowledge their acts far greater than even Shoeless Joe Jackson’s crimes, but encourages their continued denial of aforementioned atrocities. Even further, the lies and mistruths have extended to his life outside of his Astros fandom, foregoing the traditional hush hush mentioning of a no-hitter while in the process (thereby jinxing the possibility of the no-no), by mentioning how it’s not raining AT ALL this morning when we were not even to the halfway point, even though the forecast called for rain…

For those of you who weren’t present this morning, you don’t even need me to tell you the rest of the story because you already know the outcome. @Lone Star laid down the biggest jinx in the history of all jinxes and we all enjoyed a downpour of epic proportions.

So from @Dead Leg , @Pancreas , @Pop-A-Lock , @Sully , @Three’s Company , @Operation and @Ron Swanson and YHC, we all give you a very very sarcastic THANKS A LOT!

Other than that it truly was epic this morning- @Pop-A-Lock reiterated his namesake, @Sully soared past me at the end, insuring an on-time arrival, and @Pancreas continues to purposely set his watch behind by 7 minutes to challenge himself to give everyone a head start (and catch us all anyway). Biggest crowd yet, as we had 8 1/2 folks come out, and 2 of the 3 HCs that didn’t make it actually DR’d before the #uprising . That leaves just one HC who failed to even give us some pathetic excuse, he just never bothered to show even though he clearly LIED :lying_face: about coming…you know who you are! And if I hadn’t already released my wrath on @Lone Star you would be getting the beatdown in this backblast.

By the way (off topic of course!) hey @Heidi ! How are ya today?!? Hope all is well my friend :kissing_heart:


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