Uprising – 8.10.21

Great effort as 24 HIM accelerated at #ao-uprising thanks to the Duplex Dip!
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1 mile run to Duplex with 2 x :30 second strides.
Runner’s Choice – Hill sprints, tempo, easy pace, or Duplex Dip Strava Segment.
Cool Down
1 mile run back to Longview
•Crucible 8/21 check slack #CSAUP Channel
Prayer Requests
@opie for his son Tyler battling addiction
It is very common for us HIM to have a business plan, financial plan, fitness plan, nutritional plan, vacation plan, retirement plan BUT what is your Marriage Plan?
M = MOST IMPORTANT PERSON. Why is it we do not have a plan for the most important person in our life?
Our wife!
Challenge is to work on this plan. Date nights, find your M’s love language, openly talk to her about this in a way that is comfortable for you both. Get that spark back men! Pour your passion into your M like you do other areas of your life! Make her feel like she truly is the most important person in your world and you may be shocked by the affect it has on your Marriage.
Thank you all. Pleasure being out there with you and getting better in life!

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