Fort Pain – 8.11.21

It was intimate today with 7 HIM who weren’t afraid to MAX OUT their pain at the ‘ole FP.
PAX: @Foosball (3rdFQ) @Hot Mic @Procter @Ginsu @Night Light @Operation @Offsides
FNGs: None
Q: @Operation
Squats-Burpees-Mountain Climbers
See the cones. Fear the cones.
From starting position, do max reps of exercise (ie to failure), then shuttle run on the cones laid out in the field. On to the next exercise to failure, shuttle run again, repeating through all the exercises:
Diamond Merkins
American Hammers
Carolina Dry Docks
Air Presses
Repeat with stricter failure conditions.
PAX Out MAX Out V2
Same as before, but instead of shuttle run, burpee broadjump to middle cone, sprint back. Fail at the following:
Mountain Climbers
Flutter kicks
Jump Squats
Crucible 8/21
@Offsides VQ next FP, 8/18
@Procter VQ tomorrow TRAPP
Prayer Requests
@Pre-K’s daughter
@Lone Star’s family
@Zebra’s family
(See #prayerrequests)
I was looking at the back of my car a while ago, and seeing the F3 logo on the magnet back there got me thinking. What if someone sees me driving poorly, recklessly, or selfishly toward other drivers? I've just given them a negative example associated with someone who advertises some group called “F3”. I've thought of that while I've been driving, and after I had my wreck a few months ago. Just by sticking that logo on the back of my car, I am making myself a representative of F3 to some extent, whether I mean to or not.
Some things, like that magnet, can be taken off easily. But other things aren't so easy. When you go back home, what your children see is what they will associate fatherhood with. How you behave (good or bad) in public will reflect not only on you, but possibly your family, parents, company, team, country, F3, or just men in general. You can't change that. You will bring people in or drive people away by the character they observe in your actions. No one wants to be on a team with someone of low character. Act accordingly.
Op Out

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