Uprising – 8.04.2020

Seven for the Uprising this morning- @Three’s Company @Lone Star @Foosball @Ron Swanson @time share @Kwame and Mr. 5:18 himself  @Pancreas
It was painful as YHC’s trick back was acting up, and stories of Crucible soreness were abound. But the important thing was that we persevered and shook out all the aches and pains. We should all be recovered in time to go to #fort-pain tomorrow, right?!?
Prayers out to @Three’s Company ‘s coworker, who experienced a tragic loss, @Pancreas friend, who’s wife is contemplating divorce, and for myself for transition to new job of facilitating my 2.0’s school
Gents- life can turn on a dime, and you can face new challenges at any moment. These times really teach me a lot: mainly to understand that God is in control, and always has been. Relinquish what control you think you have to Him and trust in His way. And also I continue to realize that my brothers of F3 are more than just my fitness buddies.
It means so much to have y’all reach out in this tough time for me. I have personally experienced HIMs reaching out to me with 2nd and 3rd F opportunities through prayers, beers, etc
Thanks for everything and I have no choice but to take you up on the offers and reciprocate in your times of need- hence the full power of F3!
Excited to join y’all at #fort-pain tomorrow 
See you in the gloom,

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