Fort Pain – 8.05.2020

13 HIM participated in #fort-pain this morning. @Tiny Dancer @Cosmo @Rudolph @Lone Star @Joey Freshwater Milkman @Pancreas (even tho he was late he still showed up!) @Heidi @Foosball @Three’s Company @Toastmaster and A guy that I called Mcduff (sorry man I didn’t see your name here) and QIC @Dizzy Gillespie
We started with an invigorating Warm up
Good mornings
Willie Mays Hayes
Moraccon night club (I felt the burn)
Then we moseyed over to the big tree and did a Battlefield Run. We sprinted until the Q called drop and held low plank. The stragglers low bear crawled to catch up to the planking leader. Did a burpee to make sure the coast was clear and then sprinted and dropped the length of the field.
We then did Clock merkins on the hill. Q called different times and PAX did 5 merkins with head pointing at different clock positions.
Partner up for 100 LBC, 100 merkins, 100 squats in sets of 10. Non working out partner would hold feet at 6” off the ground, plank, and hold Al Gore until his turn. 
Set up stations at different trees. 1 burpee then run to next for 5 mtn climbers, run to next for 2 burpees. Go in reverse order but double the work. That wasn’t enough so we bear crawled to each station again doubling the work.
Last but not least we got down on our 6 for too many minutes of Mary. The fresh cut grass made this really itchy.
Dying cockroach
Resurrection of the Cockroach
Side plank (rpt other)
AL prom dates
Bay City Scissors (8 count) :scissors:
Captain Thor (big boy sit up w/ 4 American hammers)
Crab jacks originally did 10 but someone complained that they were silly so we had to do 10 more.
Oblique crunch
Freddy Mercury
I’m extremely grateful for all the encouragement that each of you have provided. I think this is an extension of the grace and love that God gives us through Jesus Christ. We are invited into fellowship with a God and adopted into his family. As members of the body of Christ we are able to have fellowship with each other. It has been refreshing to see men encourage one another and be open with struggles and weakness. You have each contributed to an environment where it is safe to express weakness and struggle and an environment that challenges each man to grow and overcome.

Pray for my friend who is facing a prison sentence. Teachers and administrators as the school year starts. Prayers for @Kwame

@Dizzy Gillespie

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