Uprising – 01.07.2020

The Sugar Ridge Gang of 4 got after it this morning with 4.5+ miles. With a little bit of pain, little bit of faith and a lot of bit of fellowship this morning was well worth our time. @Three’s Company @Pancreas @Lone Star and myself.With the new year comes new ambitions and goals, but don’t forget- whether it’s exerting yourself through running or working out or whatever, don’t neglect what many perceive as the ‘small stuff’: stretching.

Story of David Goggins was brought up to say that even the top athletes/toughest man on the planet was shut down for 5 YEARS and the doctors could not pinpoint what was wrong eith a guy who appeared to be in top physical shape. Come to find out this man, who at the time was lifting weights for hours a day, running ultramarathons, was never stretching.  He now stretches for 2 hours a day and considers it the most important part of his training regimen.

Prayers for continued health, for @Ganis (missed you today bud) and encouraged everyone to come out on Saturday as well.


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