Armory – 01.04.2020

First Armory of 2020!

PAX: Pancreas, Ron Swanson, Packer, Dusty Crophopper, Oswald (FNG), Heidi, Tiny Dancer, Bogo, FICO, Lone Star, Operation
QIC: Kwame

One mosey lap around Harvey Park followed by some SSHs, Willie Mays Hayes, Good Mornings and various other stretches


Brainstorming Resolution Ideas :bulb:

Started with a mosey to the blocks for the first resolution: “I need to work on my arms”
(THE Curl, set of 26, set of 13)

2nd Resolution: “I need to work on my legs”
(100 squats)

3rd resolution: “I can’t decide if I need to work my arms or legs more!”
(Wall sir curls with blocks, 2 sets of 10)

Partners for the next few resolutions:
4th: “I need to work on my speed”
(50 yard sprints x2, partner does SSHs, LBCs, or low planks while waiting)
5th: “I need to better my time on the FITTEST challenge”
(20 yard bear crawl/crawl bear, 20 yard crab walk/broad jump, SSH, LBC or low plank while waiting)
6th: “I need to be a better friend”
(25 high five partner merkins)

1/2 mile sprint relay (each man does half a park lap)

And finally, 7th resolution: “I want rock hard abs”
(Choose your own Mary- 8 rotations)

Lots happening in January with running and CSAUPs, if interested in any (:smiley:) or all of it (:nauseated_face:) just hang here on Slack to learn more and stay in the loop. Got another FNG from the parade!
A big pax welcome to Tim, who will now be referred to as Oswald (Because Lee Harvey would’ve been too obnoxious). Outstanding job on your first beatdown, looking forward to seeing you whenever you are in town! Come join the Sugar Ridge Gang on Tuesdays for runs as well!

Prayers for everyone’s health and recovery from the holidays.

T-Claps to Operation and I for a 2 mile pre-party!Happy New Year!


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