The TRAPP – 10.22.2020

Great @Peewee themed run at #the-trapp  today!

@Peewee @Kwame @Pancreas @Three’s Company all trusted me with their morning even after I made it very clear that it wouldn’t be fun. Still not sure why they came.
To start we did a few laps between the posts as a warm up. Incorporated strides at your discretion. Then we ran up to the top of the main hill.

At this point we decided to do a ladder where we did 5 burpees, and 1 jump squat. Then 4 burpees, 2 jumping squats. Rinse and repeat. Here’s the catch—after the burpees you had to run down the hill and up to the water tower, do your squats, then run back into the valley and back up the steep grass hill to do more burpees. This route is now affectionately known as “Peewees pain camel” and will live on into eternity. It. Sucked.

When we finished that (and I’ll be honest here, YHC and some others didn’t finish the set and had to call it for time) we moved on to an Indian relay back to the parking lot. The 6 would stop, drop, and do a burpee, and then sprint back to the front. Rinse and repeat.

At the COT no one complained that it was too easy, I’ll tell you that.

24 hour marathon coming up

Gauntlet in 2 weeks

This Saturday the armory is at @Foosball house! Unfortunately I’ll be DR and I’m super bummed to miss it

Honestly guys I’m sorry but I’m completely blanking on the prayer requests from this morning. Sorry.

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