F3 Spring Hill 24 Hour Marathon

F3 Spring Hill will be having a 24 hour marathon starting on Friday, November 13th, 2020, beginning at 6pm.

Each PAX will designate a 1 mile loop around their neighborhood and run it every hour starting at 6PM. We will then all meet up at Ragdoll’s for the final lap(s) and celebrate with a cookout!

What Is A 24 Hour Marathon?

The concept is simple, at the designated start time (6:00 PM) you run 1 mile, every hour on the hour. Technically, in order for the mileage to equal a full marathon, you’ll need to run three laps in the first (or last) hour and then one lap every hour for the next 23 hours.

As part of the event, some people come up with a “honey-do” list of projects to work on in between each hour run, such as woodworking, painting, gardening, and cooking.

Here is a video explaining it in more detail:

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