The TRAPP – 08.20.2020

4 HIM went out to #the-trapp this morning for a beautiful run on a perfect morning. @Three’s Company  @Peewee @Dead Leg and YHC.
Nothing too much to say about it. We did 3.64 miles in 39:32 (we started with a few minutes of stretching that wasn’t on that clock).
Come out for #fortificationfriday tomorrow!

@Three’s Company mother’s wrist and her attitude about the injury.
All of the injuries in this group.

My family has a lot going on right now. My dad has had strange numbness in his face and arms off and on for a while and they can’t figure out why. A few ER visits and no answers.

My newly adopted nephew who’s about 6mo old has had some episode where he couldn’t breathe and they think it may be seizures but haven’t been able to successfully diagnose. He’s still at the hospital in ATL.

Closing thoughts
This group has been fantastic, and I’ve struggled with sharing some of the stuff that goes on in my family. I’m not really sure why. I’m setting a goal to be more transparent and open with the group because we can’t really be a community and help each other accelerate if we don’t know what’s going on in each others lives. I encourage all of you to take the COT time seriously and share what’s going on. It’s hard as men, but on the other side it will be worth it.

@Bogo out!

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