Fortification Friday – 08.21.2020

6 gents came out to throw some weights around today. @Rudolph @Cosmo @Hot N Ready @Operation @Lone Star and @Ron Swanson. We missed you guys today @Foosball @Tiny Dancer


25 merkins to begin
Round 1 ( 1:15 each with 15 second transition 2x)
Sitting feet overs (over 30 lb dumbbells)
Shoulder press (40 dumbbells)
Farmers carry (Cinder Blocks)
Weighted run (LS Ruck)
Bent over row (bar with 25s)
Straight leg dead lift (HNR Ruck)

Round 2 (1:15 each with 15 second transition 2x)
Bar over head lunges (bar)
Weighted sit ups (25 lb plate)
Pull ups with 5 squats when you come off the bar
Step ups (HNR Ruck)
Burpee overs (jump over 2 stacked cinder blocks)
Merkins (LS Bag)
Round 3 (1:15 each with 15 second transition 2x)
Curls (straight bar)
Tricep press (40lb)
Weighted flutter kicks (hold 25lb plate)
Weighted run (LS Ruck) / squat
Front raises (25 lb plate)
Sumo deadlift (cinder block)

Piggy backing off of @Bogo from yesterday.
Matthew 9:12-13.  Hospitals aren’t for the healthy, but for the sick. Truth be told by Matthew West says Church should look more like a hospital. This group could also look more like a hospital in terms of being for hurt. We are all struggling through something and I would urge everyone to be transparent. Not necessarily  be open to the large group but be transparent with yourself and a trusted person.

Toastmaster VQ tomorrow at armory! 
Prayer Requests:
RS M and uncle
Praise that Op son is doing well with going to school.
See you gents tomorrow.

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