Armory – Op was mad – 1.30.21

“Op was mad”
Today’s beatdown name comes courtesy of @Fertile Myrtle’s comments during COT. You are welcome.
PAX: @Three’s Company, @2Buck, @Stag, @Snooki, @Heidi, @Hot N Ready, @Mulligan, @Fertile Myrtle, @Lone Star, @Dizzy Gillespie, @odouls, @ragdoll, FNG @Bedpan, @Timeshare, @Sully, @Peewee (pre pre vac)
QIC: @Operation
Runner stretch + arm circles
Mountain climbers
With 16 PAX, split into 2 groups of 8 going in opposite directions. Each group completed a Native American Heritage Crawl Bear, with the person passing to the front going Bear Crawl, for the full main loop of Harvey Park. There was disbelief at first…and during the middle. They said it couldn’t be done, that it was too far. They were wrong – we pushed all the way around…but it did take a while. We bearly made it.
Mosey to flagpole and circle up on track.
Black Jack
Start with 20 Apollo Onos and 1 Alabama Prom Date on opposite sides of the circular track, then 19 AOs and 2 APDs, 18/3, etc. Mode of transportation (staying on the paved track) was burpee broad jump from AOs to APDs, and mosey back to AOs. A quarter of the way through, modified to all mosey to get in more reps, then called for time at halfway through.
Highlight: everyone’s enthusiasm for Bryan Adams’s “Straight From the Heart”. Made us really feel those Alabama Prom Dates.
Mosey back to parking lot for some Mary
50 Alabama Prom Dates OYO
50 American Hammers (4-ct) in cadence
WWIs for time
-3rd F starts 2/5, 5:15, Beacon Hill (Sarah Benson park)
-Thanks to @Chowdah’s hard work, there’s a TS Parks Board meeting Tuesday night to approve our fundraising run at Preservation Park
– @Chowdah  VQ on 2/1
– @2Buck has officially passed on the Golden Eagle to @Three’s Company, in recognition of accomplishing his 2021 goal of completing a 5-mile run at a sub-8 min pace! May the Eagle bring honor upon your house.
-Don’t forget to sign up for the GoRuck Tough on 4/2, for the ruckers among us
-Cannonball run has all Qs set, come out to Sarah Benson park 3/6, 5am, or 445 stretching preparty
Prayer requests
– @Dizzy Gillespie’s small group friends going through miscarriage and in the ER
– @Operation’s 2.0 being incredibly combative, verbally and physically
– @Timeshare’s friend Dolph has cancer surgery next week
– @2Buck’s M has MRI next week to prep for surgery
– @Pre-K’s 2.0 surgery next week
Today was the first day covering the Q Source for Beacon Hill, starting with F.1 Disruption.
Effective leaders lead their people from the status quo to something better (an advantage). Since pushing people away from familiarity can be uncomfortable, this is Disruptive. An example is whoever first invited you to F3, which has hopefully pushed you in multiple ways to get better. Improvement REQUIRES Disruption.
Go shake some things up with purpose.
Op out

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