The Citadel – 7.12.21

Tollgate/Independence High | 16 PAX | Gloomy
Men got better today. 16 PAX adventured to an unchartered area of our home town.
@Cross-Stitch @Operation @housearrest @Fertile Myrtle @tuna @Winger (Bill Diebenow) @Corncob @Lone Star @Shoota @Heidi @Tiny Dancer @Pancreas @Cornholio @2Buck FNG @nerf and YHC @foosball

25 SSH, Bacs, Bac Bacs, shoulder press, 50 hand release merks, down dogs (maybe some other things)

Grab a ruck, sandbag and hold tight. Bear crawling drags across the field, flutter kicks for the six.
On to The Pit.
Two groups, one group on the line, one group on the rucks/bags for PT
(x3) 1) Crawlbear up to first cone, sprint the rest of the way 2) doing 5 curls, 5 presses for grp 1 return
(x3) 1) Politician to the second cone, turn and sprint to top 2) burpee jump overs
(x2) Sprint to the top, brear crawl to second cone ATMs (alt shoulder taps, Tempo Merks, Merks) x5 reps each.
Grab Stuff and walk back to home base.

Big boys till the 6
10 pikes
10 pikes
10 pikes
10 4 count american hammers
10 pikes

MOLESKIN (which I didn’t cover):
This AO is, The Citadel, which is the center-most-fortified area of a castle, town, or city. Everything we cherish, our minds, our Ms, our 2.0’s reside within that Citadel. It is upon us to fortify it, each and every day. Every time you leave a workout beat down, good, you’ve laid a single brick in the wall. Each obstacle you overcome, good. The work may sometimes suck, but if we were only doing it for ourselves, we’d be more likely to give up. Failure is not an option, embrace the suck and move on to your next brick.

Buncha CSAUP on the Horizon: Crucible, SOG1, Warpath…. and probably some other stupid things.
Night run starting on Wednesday sometime soon-ish
See other notes in Slack
Prayer Requests
Largest Group starting #thequeen starts today
Continued Prayers for @Yaris
Prayers for @Chowdah and his M in her journey with Lupis, especially with the recent scare.
Foos Out.

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