Roughnecks – 7.12.2021

PAX: @Blue Buffalo@O’Douls@Kwame@MapQuest@Blackout@Singlet@Mulligan@Hot Mic@Ginsu@Offsides@Bubba Gump@Pancreas (for half), and @Cosmo (YHC)
QIC: @Cosmo
12.5 HIM returned to our roots at Harvey Park for some good living.Warm-a-rama
None. Stretch on your own dime.
Thang 1 – Hot Mile
Fast paced ruck up to Trout Lane and back (approx 1 mile). Try to keep a sub-15 pace without shuffling. @Ginsu@Offsides@O’Douls@Hot Mic, and YHC were neck-and-neck in the front of the pack and at the turn were hitting a 14:25 pace.
Thang 2 – Franny Pack (21 – 15 – 9)
21 reps for Round 1, 15 reps for round 2, 9 reps for round 3
  • Ruck Burpees
  • Overhead Ruck Squats
  • Merkins w/ Ruck
  • 4-ct Flutters w/ Ruck
Rotate around the circle with 2-3 men carrying one of the sandbags around the park. Once everyone had tasted the bag, we paused work to transition. I think only @Hot Mic had actually finished all three rounds, naturally.
Thang 3 – Death by Ratio
1:4 ratio of Jump Squats to Bear Crawls (each right hand plant counts as 1) in a progressive ladder. 1 Jump Squat, 4 Bear Crawls, 2 Jump Squats, 8 Bear Crawls, etc. Start at one end of the parking lot and work down. @Hot Mic and @Ginsu led the pack and finished the parking lot first before we called time.
  • As a reminder, @Ginsu and YHC are AOQs so bring feedback, comments, concerns, and Q requests to us.
  • YHC explained the mission of the AO. We’ll train towards goals because those are tangible things, and for rucking that means training for events. If a month has 4 Mondays, 3 of those 4 will be similar to today: High Tempo Rucking, Ruck/Sandbag PT, interval work, etc. One Monday of the 4 will be a special long ruck with a start time of 0500 and end time of 0630 to give us 1.5 hours of solid distance rucking. This way we’re honoring folks’ time but also creating space for strict rucking and distance work.
  • Upcoming Rucking Events: Predator 01 (Nashville Ruck Club event) this weekend on 7/17, SOG-I (F3SH Rucking CSAUP) on 8/7, 9/11 GORUCK Tough on 9/10, 9/11 GORUCK Basic on 9/11, GORUCK Star Course (12 and 26.2 milers) on 11/6.
  • @MapQuest has a VQ tomorrow at #ao-uprising.
  • @Offsides has a VQ on Weds at #ao-fort-pain.
  • @Kwame is leading Primetime, our Weds evening (7:00 p.m.) run AO. Departing out of Longview (same spot as Uprising).
Prayer Requests
  • Prayers for the guys starting the Queen program. May their cup over floweth in strength and discipline and their bellies be filled of success.
  • @Ginsu‘s M’s Mom recovering from surgery and found out she has cancer. Prayers for strength and wisdom for her physicians and her.
  • @Chowdah‘s M. Prayers for continued strength in their marriage, continued wisdom/answers in her journey with Lupus, and healing over all.
YHC recently finished “Gates of Fire” by Steven Pressfield and will continue singing its praises for at least another month or so. Today I wanted to speak to the concept of being in the shield wall not for ourselves but for the men next to us. In Ancient Sparta, statues and dramatic arts were prohibited. The only “art” that was allowed and encouraged was singing, because the Spartans felt it most closely resembled battle in terms of finding melody. As such, Spartans didn’t glorify or worship mortals amongst their own ranks. They didn’t lift up their own accomplishments and glory hunting was seen as a vain endeavor. Instead, these men did incredible things and made astounding sacrifices for the men next to them in the shield wall. Those were the men you truly counted on and who truly counted on you. The deepest shame a Spartan felt was if he hadn’t done enough for the men next to him. This is the same for F3. We all have our own personal reasons that bring us to F3, but what I have found is that the more I allow F3 to pour into me and the more I commit to pour into F3 as a servant then the more I am showing up for my brothers and less for me. When I fartsacked a few weekends ago for Armory, I felt an incredibly deep shame. Not because I had failed myself (that was a small part of it), but because I had made a commitment to my brothers and I had failed on that. What if another man that day needed me next to him in the shield wall? I was absent.YHC challenged the PAX to reach out to some brothers this week. Men you’re not in a Shield Lock with. Men you haven’t talked to in awhile or even men you haven’t said more than 10 words to. Get to know them. Pour into them and allow them to open up to you. Let them know you’re in the wall with them and you’re shield will not falter. “Because a warrior carries helmet and breastplate for his own protection, but his shield for the safety of the whole line.” – Gates of Fire
SYITG, Cosmo

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