The Citadel – 11.22.21

7 PAX came out to play at The Citadel this morning.
PAX: @MapQuest, @Foosball (3rdFQ), @Winger (Bill Diebenow), @Corncob, @Aflac, @Blackout
QIC: @Heidi (1st F Q)
Intro & F3 Disclaimer – YHC greatly underestimated the wind chill in today's temperature, and had to borrow a spare hoodie from @MapQuest
Begin moving towards the Shelter Insurance building doing a mix-up of the following:
Imperial Walkers, Side Shuffles, Politicians, Mosey
Using the parking lot lines, we Paula Abdule'd (2 lines forward, one line back) around the building. Each section of the parking lot had its own exercises and MOT, progressing as we went around the building, changing up as follows:
Mosey up 2 lines, 1 burpee, mosey back 1 line, 1 burpee
Bear crawl up 2 lines, 1 Merkin, bear crawl back 1 line, 1 Merkin
Mosey up 2 lines, 2 burpees, mosey back 1 line, 2 burpees
Bear crawl up 2 lines, 2 Merkins, bear crawl back 1 line, 2 Merkins
Lunge walk up 2 lines, 1 squat, lunge walk back 1 line, 1 squat
Mosey up 2 lines, 3 burpees, mosey back 1 line, 3 burpees
PAX choice of Lunge Walk or Bear Crawl back to parking lot entrance
Head back to the main parking lot doing a mix-up of the following:
Mosey, Politicians, Side Shuffles, Imperial Walkers
The Finisher:
50 big Boy Situps, Mosey to the end of the parking lot and back; RnR X2
1 Minute of Mountain Climbers, in cadence
Announcements: see #_announcements
@Corncob's shoulder surgery next week
All of the PAX who are dealing with illness, injury, travels, and family
Many people in our society today tend to gravitate towards extreme anxiety, or extreme apathy. Those on the anxiety end seem to wake up every day looking for something or someone to attack. Whether it be family, careers, politics, or anything else in the world around them, they are always frustrated at something and wound up to 95%, ready to snap at anything.
The apathetic people, however, are the ones that no longer care. They've given up on the world around them, and don't want to leave their cave. They prefer to shut themselves off, binge watch Netflix, and ignore everything and everyone around them.
As Christians, we have a way to live between these 2 spectrums. We are called to cast our burdens upon the Lord, letting go of our anxiety and trusting in God. We are also called to have a heart of Thanksgiving (the biblical kind, not this week's turkey), and give the Lord thanks and praise for our blessings each day. By doing these things daily, we can help keep our heads and our hearts right, and avoid drifting towards the extremes of anxiety and apathy.
Gentlemen, let's do that again some time!
SYITG, Heidi

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