Roughnecks – 11.29.21

Brisk clean morning. Great conditions for working hard, not overheating and for 7 PAX to keep pushing through the gloom @Mulligan @Offsides @Ginsu @2nd F Kwame  @Cosmo @Night Light @Hot Mic (Tribute).
20 – SSH in cadence
10 – OYO Squats
12 – BACs
12 – Back BACs
5 – OYO Burpee Ruck Thrusters
Pick a sandbag of your choosing. Recommend that the guys with the most experience grab the heaviest sandbags.
The Thang 1: This is actually a Ruck Hero WOD released by GoRuck in August of 2019.
SFC Will Lindsey
Sergeant First Class Will Duston Lindsay, United States Army Special Forces, was killed in action in Kunduz, Afghanistan on Thursday, March 21, 2019. Will is survived by his wife, Sarah Lindsay and their four daughters.
10 Rounds for Time
10 Ruck Squats (45#)
10 Ruck Russian Twists (45#)
10 Ruck Push-Ups (45#)
10 Ruck High Pulls (45#)
At anytime during the 10 Rounds, complete; 1 mile Ruck Sandbag Run (45 Ruck, 100# Sandbag)
It was so interesting seeing how different PAX choose to break this up.
Christmas List of gifts for kids looking to have an amazing Christmas morning. See @F3-Mary Ann
Open house week this week all week long
24 Hr marathon starts Friday December 3rd – See @2nd F Kwame
Open house week ends with a bonfire at @ragdolls place Saturday Dec 4th at 6pm.
Saturday is the Cantebury Christmas Parade
Prayer Requests:
·       PAX in general
Mole Skin:
From COTC Franklin message Sunday morning.
That last couple years for many have been very stressful. There has been a big increase in anxiety, stress and depression. A large part of that can come from wanting control and then trying to control everything.
To have a more simple and relaxed life we need to stop trying to control the things which we really have not control of such as:
The timing of things in my life.
The outcomes of things in my life
Other people
God – If you think controlling other people is hard good luck here. :blush:
God calls us to obedience but also surrender. Obedience only can lead to because of the RULES of do this and don’t do that. When we surrender and rest and trust in God life is simpler because we are giving up control and allowing God in His timing to work.
How are you doing submitting yourself to God in surrender?
Thank you PAX for allowing me to lead this morning and choosing to push yourself when today would have been a great morning for staying under the covers.
SYITG – Hot Mic out!

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