The Citadel – 11.29.21

At the start of Open House Week 2.0, 5 HIMs converged to hold down the fort at The Citadel.
PAX: @Aflac @Blackout @Joey Freshwater @Cornholio (Pre-Vac)
QiC: @Pancreas
F3 Mission, Principles, and Credo
Intro and disclaimers (which @Pancreas made sure to say since forgetting them at TP3)
Good mornings
Twisting Windmills
BACs & Back BACs IC
Overhead claps IC
Slow n Low Squats IC
Forward lunges & backward lunges
Walkout Merkins
Mosey around the Medical Plaza
Thang (ish)
110 4-ct SSH IC (nothing like keeping the PAX guessing when the SSHs will stop!)
Thang 1
Mosey to the wall by Liberty Financial
Start at base of wall, Bear Crawl out to the end of the parking spaces
4 Ranger/Close-stance Merkins
Crawl Bear back to the wall
Balls to the Wall as high as you can go, hold it for a few seconds – honor system!
Each time the Merkins increase by 4 – ladder up & down
4, 8, 12, 16 close-stance Merkins
At 20, do 10 close and 10 wide Merkins
16, 12, 8, 4 wide Merkins
Total of 100 Merkins and 8 B2W stands
Thang 2 – Lateral 11's between the Lamp Posts
Lamp Post 1: Lt. Dans
Low side shuffle
Lamp Post 2: 2-ct Apollo Ohnos
Low side shuffle in opposite direction
RnR until 11's were completed
3 minutes of Mary
30 4-ct Flutter Kicks IC
Heels to Heaven & Reach for the Sky reps – until time
Great work men!
Open House Week 2.0 this week!
All-PAX bonfire on Sat 12/4 at @ragdoll 's house celebrates close of OHW and the 24-Hr Marathon
Check #_announcements channel in Slack
@Corncob 's shoulder surgery today
@Foosball (3rdFQ) is traveling today with 2.0's
Less HC's today – prayers for all the PAX who may still be traveling or are tired, sick, injured, or discouraged
The sermon at church yesterday spoke to me with regard to our mission – for those who are Christians and the F3 mission.
ACTS 13 and our mission can be viewed in 3 sections. We are: 1. Called In 2. Set Apart 3. Sent Out
With Christianity and F3, sometimes people think they have to:
Behave >> Believe >> Belong, when in actuality the order is Belong >> Believe >> Behave
Belonging impacts our beliefs, and in turn, our behavior/conduct/decisions improve and change with time
Made me think of the G3L in the Q Source. We must first Get Right (with God, others, and oneself) in order to Live, Lead, and Leave Right.
We all have a purpose for how God will use us in life and F3 – we must simply be willing. As the saying goes, “God doesn't call the equipped – He equips the called.” This requires faith.
We are called to trust and obey God, not have the perspective “I'll only go if I agree with all the conditions.” In the Christian journey and F3, we are called to get outside of what is familiar and comfortable. There is no growth in the comfort zone.
The measure of success for a church/F3 Region should not be about seating capacity (quantity – or sheer numbers, for numbers' sake) but sending capacity (quality, or the amount of impact the group is having in the community/world).
We can look at our Christian journey/church/F3 mission with an ocean vessel illustration:
Are we on a cruise ship focused on luxury? NO!
Are we on a battleship waging war with others? NO! (Not a commentary about spiritual warfare but about being aggressors/stirring up strife)
Rather, we are on an AIRCRAFT CARRIER and we all serve the parts (often alternating between fighter pilots, servicemen, etc.) necessary to empower the mission with a thriving home base and a purposeful focus of executing our mission as a team. SENDING & SERVING!
It was an honor to lead you men this morning and fun standing around in the cold afterward for some fellowship. Grateful to be on this aircraft carrier with you!
SYITG, Pancreas

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