Roughnecks – 11.01.21

All Souls’ Day
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F3 Disclaimer

Walk 1 loop around park

Team of 2 HIM
4 stations, 5 sets of 10 reps after complete the station one loop around park and move to the next one
1:dips & step ups with
2: flutter kicks & mountain climbers
3: merkins & burpees (this was brutal )
4: throw the bag (60,80#) across parking lot
Saturday Tussle @Soul Glo need one more guy someone step up
Saturday the star course
Lots of opportunities to Q on different AO’s, we love VQ’s
F3 grow ruck be on our land on April time to start training.
@Veronica family
@Heidi (1st F Q) M surgery
All souls specially those that don’t have anyone praying for them.
Is All Souls’ Day, in the Catholic and Mexican tradition we believed and celebrate our souls that went to heaven before us, the thang was trying to mirror what is the path of them to visit us.
I personally lost a baby (miscarriage) and this is a big day we pray for the soul and for those that don’t have anyone that remember nor pray for them. Take some time today and tomorrow and pray for your family members in heaven and for those forgotten.

Thanks to the roughnecks for let me lead them, not an easy AO but I learned something new.
@Jalisco out.

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