Roughnecks – 10.04.21

PAX: @Mulligan@Offsides@Cosmo (YHC)
QIC: @Cosmo

Conditions: Low 70s with fog.

Some stretches

Ruck up and grab a sandbag. Ruck around park to pavilion for Alpha Tango Complex.12 Rounds, 2 Min. Each
5 Deadlifts
4 Hang Cleans
3 Front Squats
2 Overhead Press
1 Sandbag Thruster
Squat for time. Everything with ruck on. YHC originally planned for step ups for time but the benches proved to be a tad too tall.

Carry sandbags back to cars with enough time for 2-minute leg lift hold with ruck overhead.

Check Slack

Prayer requests
@Heidi (1st F Q)
@Hot Mic (Tribute)

Moleskin (Shortest one in F3SH history)
I love you guys.

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