Darkhorse – 10.03.21

8 PAX came out to get stronger at Darkhorse today.
PAX: @The Boot @Ralphie @Yaris @Buckeye @OPIE @Oscar Mayer @Green Acres
Q: @Heidi (1st F Q)
SSH, Squats, Merkins, stretches
THE THANG: Modified TN Tussle
We started with a mosey by the river, over to the farmer’s market pavilion, then across the street and back down towards the river, which we pretended was a half mile. There we found that someone had set up some cones illuminated with glow sticks in the football field sized grass area. Each cone had an exercise and rep # attached to it, when you get to the cone, do what it says, then bear crawl across to the next cone. RnR until you’ve completed all beat down stations, then go start over at the beginning.
THE BEAT DOWN Stations, each PAX did the following:
  1. 50 Iron Mikes (aka jump lunge) ((each leg counts as 1))
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1. 50 Hand Release Merkins (must lock elbows at top)
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1. 50 Monkey Humpers
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1. 50 Shoulder Taps (each should counts as 1)
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1. 50 Apollo Ohno’s (each leg counts as 1)
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1. 50 WW1s
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1. 50 Squats
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1. 50 High/Low Planks
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1. 25 Lt. Dan’s : Single squat followed by 2 jump lunges (each leg =1)
  1. Bear Crawl to next cone
  1.  50 Hand Release Burpees
  1. Mosey back to the first cone and start over
Everyone completed the first round and was 2-3 stations into the second round when Q called time and we moseyed back to the basketball court by way of the stairs and sidewalk over to the park entrance. We got there just in time to hear the bell toll, which YHC still thinks was 1 minute early.
usual stuff, see Slack.
We did most of the TN Tussle today, so there is no excuse not to sign up if you’re not on a team yet!
@The Boot has a family friend that is deaf, autistic, and in critical condition now with COVID
@Yaris moving, getting settled, and peace and clarity for his little girls
@Heidi (1st F Q), M having anxiety waiting for surgery, Dark Knight with COVID
Every morning when I walk out of my house to head to a workout, I take a moment and look at the stars. The God of all creation made them, and he made each one of us. He cares for us and is right there with us no matter what we are going through. I’ve heard a pastor say that you are either in the fire now, just coming out of the fire, or about to go into the fire. Looking back, I know of several times in my life where things have gotten difficult, or my life took a different direction than I planned, but I can see now how I always came out better on the other side of it. We don’t always know or understand why what is happening is happening, but just have to try to remember to trust in the Lord and this is all part of his plan for us.
SYITG, Heidi.

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