The TRAPP – 7.22.21

15 HIM fell for The TRAPP once again, but by the end, all came out stronger and better. @Blackout@Jalisco@Pancreas@2Buck@Mulligan@MaryAnne@Billy Madison@Peewee@Alvaro Albarracin@Free Falling, @Chowdah@Winger@ToeJam, welcome to FNG @tic tac, and YHC @MapQuest
After a quick warm-a-rama paying homage to Willie Mays Hayes and his close cousins, we set out our eyes for Sunrise Hill.  And she did not disappoint!  From there we did 20 minutes out, and 20 minutes back, sticking to the beautiful trails and lush pastures.  When arriving back at the base of sunrise hill near the finish line, the HIM politicianed back up sunrise hill, where we had a few minutes to enjoy the rays.  4 count flutter kicks (20), 15 merkins on your own, and a low plank until time was called (2 min).  The amount of sweat from all PAX, if collected, would easily fill 5 million gallon containers.  This is a best estimate of course.
  • Great prime time last night. Try make it out for the next one if you weren’t able to make it.
  • Tuesday is 5k finale run at ao-Uprising.  Come to celebrate all of the speed work (fartlek) that you’ve been putting in.
Prayer Requests
  • @Chowdah:  Safety as he takes his family camping.  And for much needed rest and quality time.
  • @2Buck:  Stagg’s solo trip out west.  Interviews this week.  Passport to Purity with his son this weekend.  All huge!
  • @ToeJam:  Friend Michael is looking for work. Just moved here. Praying for
  • his will to be done.
  • @Blackout:  Aug 2nd is the official induction date for baby girl. Praying for a healthy delivery for M and baby.
  • @Mulligan:  2.0’s are facing some health challenges. Prayers for speedy healing.
  • @Pewee:  Oldest 2.0 is going to VBS this week.  Great first night.  Hard second night. Prayer for great rest of the week and a for a foundation for the days ahead.
  • @MapQuest:  For a speedy recovery for @Ginsu.
We all face battles in life.  It’s inevitable.  As men, as husbands, fathers, colleagues, leaders, and members of our community.  On this earth, we weren’t promised a golden ticket.  Battles and adversity are always surrounding us.  But how and where do we turn for help as they come up? Joshua 1:9 reminds us to be “strong and courageous”.   This was instruction to Joshua from the Lord himself on how to conquer and take over what was promised to him and the group he was leading.  It was Joshua’s battle.
Those words strong and courageous…. For Joshua it was clear what it meant for him.  But what about for us and our battles. Take some of these scenarios into consideration:
  • For many, it takes courage and strength just to wake up everyday and to come out.
  • It takes courage and strength to do the hard and difficult things, for you, your family, and in your work, things that you know must be done, especially when there is often an easy way out that lets you off the hook.
  • It takes courage and strength to stand up for what it right, and to reject what is wrong and foolish.
  • It takes courage and strength to choose righteousness, over greedy ways.
But HOW do we choose to be strong and courageous?  It sounds easier said than done.  Well, there are two tools to put in your satchel that I guarantee will help…
  1. COURAGEOUS:  Last week I shared that other men can help, by encouraging one another to become better as men.  Iron sharpening iron.  Accountability groups.  Shield Locks.  Neighbors.  Brothers in faith.  Encouragement puts courage in someone.  And in turn, creates courageous men.
  2. STRONG:  I think we interpret this as being bold, determined, and driven.  Maybe swole muscles 😉  I know I can easily go there. But I was encouraged when a much wiser friend shared with me that the Hebrew word for “strong“ literally means to fasten yourself to the Lord.   So to be strong, means to be fastened to Him.
So whatever battles you are facing today. Whatever battles you face in the future.  Don’t fret the slightest, as the Lord has given us the tools to fight those battles.  We often forget we have them.  But they are with us if we choose to pull them out.  Himself (where we get our strength), and each other (where we can draw up more courage). So be strong and courageous, men!.  Fasten yourself to the Lord.  And draw encouragement from each other.  We all will be better men for it and overcome any battle in our way.
MapQuest out

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