Paincreas And His BOX OF PAIN – 6.17.2020

Wednesday morning, 9 brave HIM reported to Fort Pain for a Paincreas Q and discovered the contents of the BOX OF PAIN!!
@Cosmo @Operation @Tiny Dancer @Joey Freshwater @Lone Star @ragdoll @Hot N Ready @Heidi QiC: Pancreas

Mobile Warmarama moving up the road
10 squats
Walking Lunges
10 Merkins
Frog Jumps
Mosey to pavilion
7 HR Burpees
What's in the BOX OF PAIN??!! Not so fast. Follow me! “Over the mountain and through the woods to The Green Monster we go!”

Trail run winding up the hill to the top where we encountered a paved road leading downhill.
Bear Crawled down half the hill and moseyed to bottom of the hill.
Here I introduced the PAX to The Green Monster, a steep paved hill leading up to the water tower, which is perfect for HILL REPEATS involving the BOX OF PAIN. Queue the ominous, suspenseful music…
PAX partnered up and the BOX OF PAIN was opened, revealing papers inside inscribed each with a mode of transportation and an exercise.
All #1's moved up the hill together, while #2's performed the exercise. When #1's reached the top of the hill, #2's headed up the hill while #'1's performed the exercise at the top. Then we all moseyed down the hill together before the next set.
Politician – Jump Squats
Sprint – Burpees
Frog Jumps – Shoulder Presses
Walking Lunges – Plank Jacks
Crawl Bear, each partner taking half the hill
Ran out of time, so we all did Butt Kickers up the hill, then enjoyed the “3 Miles Downhill” to the shovel flag. CURAHEE!!
– Get out to The TRAPP on Thursday mornings!
– Crucible is August 1. Start training. @Kwame and I are planning a scout/pre-run for Sunday morning.
– @Kwame will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday by giving us all the gift of a bday beatdown at Armory.

– Fred's healing from COVID. Comfort for his family
– @Tiny Dancer’s M's health
– Traveling mercies for @Lone Star and family traveling to Texas on Thursday afternoon
– For all of us men as leaders in our homes and the community. For F3 to continue growing in number and in the depth of the 3 F's in our lives. Healing for our country on many levels.

It's an honor to be your brother and I appreciate the opportunity to lead. @Heidi and @Joey Freshwater, thank you for leading by example and reminding me that “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

P.S. There is still lunch remaining in the BOX OF PAIN. Expect that it will appear again!!

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