Uprising – 6.16.2020

We had 6 out for an Uprising this morning, covering lots of ground and lots of discussions. Big ups to @Pancreas @Lone Star @Three’s Company @Aladdin aNd @Bogo for getting better this morning, covering 5 miles.
The Sugar Ridge Gang rides again…

Prayers for my Ms Grandpa Gordon as he is in a fight for his life right now and is trending towards hospice care, prayers for my sister a Leanne and her husband Pouchon as they navigate life having bi-racial 2.0s and try to raise them up through this time, prayers for Fred (Deer Run Camp Director) as he and his wife are fighting with COVID right now.

Come out to Fort Pain tomorrow gents, @Pancreas at the helm. And YHC on point for The Armory workout this Saturday. Better bring your A, B, AND C game with ya for this week!

Mayor Kwame

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