New AO Launch – The Cavalry – 12.31.21

13 PAX came out to launch the new Friday AO that consists of the full acceleration of all 3 F’s.
@Pancreas @Cross-Stitch @Fertile Myrtle @Oscar Mayer @Chowdah – Community Outreach @Procter @Billy Madison @Blackout @Clipart @Peewee (TRAPP) @Rudolph @Gouda
AOQ: @MapQuest
Full reading of the:
F3 Mission
5 core principles
@MapQuest welcomed everyone to the new AO, and lead the PAX in some good old fashioned warm-a-rama to wake up the joints.
The Thang
Two routes were created, a 5k and 4-miler, giving the PAX the option to choose their distance within the allotted time.  Both were pretty similar in route, though the 4-miler had some additional paved roads at the end to create the extra distance.
We departed Station Hill Church as a group and took a right on Reserve Blvd. toward Kedron.  The PAX safely crossed Kedron (near Viking Pizza) and raced to the top of Battlefield hill, the site of the historic Battle of Spring Hill.  Once at the top, pretty winded but full of adrenaline, the PAX cheered and celebrated as everyone made it to the top.  It was also determined that everyone must “touch the cannon” for it to count (make note future Q’s…it’d be a shame to make that massive climb for it to not count :grimacing:).
As a group again, the PAX departed down Battlefield hill and went straight back the way the came, up the ever-climbing Reserve Blvd, eventually taking a left on Prince, and then all throughout the winding streets of the nearby neighborhood.  Everyone arrived back at the Church of Station Hill at time, a little sweaty, winded, hearts pumping, but excited to have kicked off the new AO together.
My hope is that this new AO will be a place where all 3 F’s would be cultivated.
That this not just be a place to go for a run.  But a place to push yourself, to go further and beyond your limits, a place where you can encourage your brothers, and a place where we become sharper together as men.
Running isn’t for the faint at heart.  It’s not an easy way out when it comes to F3 workouts.  Just ask @Procter what it was like to run a 50k trail race.  Or @Chowdah – Community Outreach what it’s like to run 1,400 miles in a year.  Or @Rudolph who ran 12 miles pretty much all uphill at the Bourbon Chase (the Ragnar leg of all legs).  Or @F3-Mary Ann who seems to enter every crazy race known to man.  Or @Clipart who keeps coming out week after week getting faster and more swole.  Or…just ask the HIM who’s just getting started and trying to get through a single mile without stopping.  Or trying to complete his first ever 5k.  Or a HIM who’s coming back after a lengthy injury.  Running isn’t for the faint of heart.  Especially when you are going for speed, distance, and trekking on uneven terrain.  There are mechanics.  Proper form.  Essential gear.  And the need for the right mindset in order to overcome “the wall” that hits every kind of runner.  And it’s not for the faint of heart when you are putting in the hard work as a collective PAX.   When you are doing all the hard work for the betterment of yourself and others.
Thus, the new AO name shall be called The Cavalry.
Historically, the cavalry is the branch of the US Army (which actually still exists today: 1st Cavalry Division) that trains soldiers to move as a group.  In the mid-1800’s it was by horse, which later turned to armed tanks and helicopters.  Whatever the mode of transportation, in our case it’s our own two legs, the pillar of any cavalry is that they travel collectively in a pack, covering a lot of territory, and because they are united, they are highly successful at completing their mission.
So when you come out on Friday mornings, you aren’t just coming out for a run.  Instead, you are joining The Cavalry.  A group of warriors looking to grow as a PAX, sharper and stronger than before.  Accelerating with every step.  With every steep climb.  With every extra mile.  Not by yourself.  But as a collective.
Culture can be defined in a lot is different ways.  But favorite is this:  “Culture is the healthy habits we create, and the poor behaviors (or habits) that we tolerate.”   The Cavalry is a place where we will encourage habits of growth in all ways, and a place to reject the things that hold us back.
Come join us!
F3 Nashville convergence tomorrow.  Check slack the post from @Heidi (1st F Q) anyone who is interested.
@Fertile Myrtle would like to thank everyone who had the opportunity to help his family with their move to their new home.
Prayer Requests
For all the HIM and family members under the weather right now.  Seems to be a lot of Covid, colds, and crud in general.  @Heidi (1st F Q) in particular we love you brother.
For a safe, prosperous, and healthy new year for all HIM.
@Commodore and all the PAX walking through some difficult challenges right now.

If you’ve been posting lately and/or reading through the backblasts, there has been a lot of encouragement lately from the HIM for everyone to finish strong with their 2021 goals and to now set their eyes on new goals for 2022.  And for good reason.  This can be a great time of year to do that.  New Year’s creates a clean reset psychologically for many.
But did you know that studies have found that most “resolutions” are abandoned by January 17th?   In fact, the downfall to most resolutions is one’s lack of accountability and community.  A lot of people try to achieve their goals by themselves.  But those that bring people into their circle, allowing others help them achieve their goals are more likely to succeed.  And more so, people who are working toward a goal together are often more likely to succeed even more.  Just one example, think about all the PAX who have gone through the Queen together and finished successfully.  Enough said.
Here is @MapQuest’s additional take on all of this.  While establishing goals and having accountability and community are important (all of which I’m a big fan of), I want to encourage the PAX that what’s often overlooked is what we prioritize and make the most important.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tells us that some of the basic needs of life are air, food, water, shelter, and sleep.  And while this is true, I’d say that we need to prioritize other life essentials.  Specifically, how do we prioritize our goals?   How are we prioritizing our full devotion to God and our family?  These in my opinion are the key cornerstones to a true HIM.
If you are one to establish new goals as we head into the new year, I firmly believe it’s ok to create goals around F3, finances, even our careers.  BUT, don’t forget to prioritize what I would deem as the eternal and lasting areas of our life.  God and family.
Matthew 6:33 says, But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things will be given to you as well.
To me that’s pretty clear what our #1 priority should be, going into 2022 and beyond.

But seek first…
Much love and Happy New Year, my brothers.

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