Muscle Beach – 12.31.21

It was dark and muddy today and 7 HIM was there digging to earn those cocktails later today.

@Night Light @Blue Buffalo @Thin Mint @Earhart @Reset @Soul Glo
Q- @Jalisco
Bacs-12 IC
Bacs bacs -12 IC
Rotate stations and everyone had a number assigned, 1 will start and called for our  break time, any Mary exercise, and tag a different number for the next break.
Pull-ups – alternate wide arms and close arms
Curls with coupon
Drum tire  :hammer:
Tossed the bag down and up hill (60#) this was our timer to rotate
Kill the bag (80#)
Coupon swing
Overhead press
Drum tire  :hammer:
Suit case carry bag (60#) from swings to the climbing wall and back, this was our timer to rotate
Endorfins (80#)
25 Hammers IC
40 merkins
30 sec. Plank
25 BBS
35 LBC
1 min. Flutter kicks
Tclaps to @Soul Glo did everything with a weighted vest!:boom:

Marines Corps PT on the #ao-murphmonday on Jan10th
Nashville convergence tomorrow
#ao-armory needs a Q tomorrow
Step up and lead some AO’s this new year.

@Soul Glo M uncle battling covid
And safe travels back home for his brother
@Reset marriage for strength
@Blue Buffalo son for the transition into the pre teenager stage
@Heidi (1st F Q) and rest of pax battling covid
Lord thank you for @Night Light for @Earhart @Thin Mint @Blue Buffalo @Reset @Soul Glo and the whole F3SH and Muletown brothers and for put them on my path life.
Year is about to end left the bad things happen to you in the past and move on, good thing la happen? Great! Keep yourself on that path.

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