Muscle Beach – 9.17.2021

PAX: @Tijuana @Buckeye @Veronica @Yaris @OPIE @Offsides @Three’s Company @MaryAnne @Soul Glo (YHC)

QiC: @Soul Glo

Conditions: perfect9 PAX assembled in the gloom and the dark to finish out the week and get stronger together.

Michael Phelps
Good mornings
Hillbilly Walkers

Thang 1:20 rounds5 weighted pullups holding coupon with feet
10 weighted merkins with coupon on back
15 weighted squats holding coupon, squatting down to second coupon for proper depth and form. YHC encouraged the PAX to squat like @Hot Mic (Tribute) is watching.

Thang 2:
Mary until time
American hammers
Big Boys
Flutter kicks
Plank until time

Franklin convergence 9.25
Charity 5k to honor friend of @Tijuana in cross bridges 9.25
TN Tussle 11.6, join a team or lead a team
Grey Ghost 5k opportunity to serve as volunteers. @Hot Mic (Tribute) is coordinating
Versus men’s event at rolling hills Franklin 9.30, ask @Offsides

Prayer requests:
@Blackout and his family
@Hot Mic (Tribute)‘s dad, his niece, and his entire family
@Yaris depression and family
@Underoos and his M
@Chowdah – Community Outreach and his M
@Heidi (1st F Q) and his M
All of the PAX that have not posted because of travel, injury, illness, and other life issues


Today was tough and it was a grind. But we all made it through together. It would have been much harder to do this on our own, it is much easier to do it together. To grind together, to suffer together, to work through the darkness and the gloom and the valleys together. So many of the PAX are going through valleys in their lives right now. So many are trying to make it through the darkness out to the other side. We cannot let them struggle alone. We cannot let them grind alone. We have to come together alongside them to bear their burdens and pick them up. If you are struggling, please share it with someone so we can help you. Enormous credit and praise to @Yaris for his courage and vulnerability to share what’s been happening in his life. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and pray for you. We are all in this together and we leave no man behind.

Soul out

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