Murph Monday – 12.27.21

11 HIM stepped into the gloom to follow up the holiday weekend with some iron sharpening; included @MapQuest, @Veronica, @Danica, @Fertile Myrtle, @SoulSurfer (Mon, Wed and Sat), @Jalisco, @Soul Glo, @Cowbell,(someone should invite him to Slack,) @TreeHugger, @Bubba Gump, and
YHC/Q @Billy Madison

F3 Disclaimer:
All F3 Workouts
    •    Are free of charge
    •    Are open to all men
    •    Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
    •    Are led by men who participate in and lead in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification; modify for safety where necessary
    •    End with a Circle of Trust
The F3 Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

Warmorama: OYO

The Murph:
100 pull-ups
PAX choice; No breaks on sets, start anywhere and don’t move to the next exercise until you complete the task OR Cindy/AMRAP sets for productivity.

Jan-10th at the #ao-murphmonday @Three’s Company will host the Marine Corps training come challenge yourself.
Friday @ 5:30 – BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW RUNNING AO! At The Church at Station Hill  – Be there to further sharpen one another and support @MapQuest in his own AOQ launch – gonna be a good one!
Queen (07, I think?) – launch detox next week, followed by 6 week diet and accountability program that is sure to impact you in the best possible ways! Many, many details and dedicated slack channel to follow – reach out to @BillyMadison to get added to this opportunity to educate, motivate and accelerate yourself and other HIMs toward our very best to start the new year!
Q Calendar has opportunities for you to step up and lead in January! Reach out to AOQ @Jalisco to get your name on one! Great AO for a VQ – very structured and well supported. Go get it!
Other related awesomeness happening all around you! Check Slack for announcements and events coming soon or happening right now!

Prayer Requests:
@SoulSurfer – Missing loved ones during holidays…for strength & peace.
Jalisco – family distanced from each other … emotionally and physically..for strength, wisdom and peace.
Soul Glo – brother, @Sketch safe traveling… for protection.
Fertile myrtle – new home!! Big move… for support and celebration!

From the book Life is Messy by Matthew Kelly
“I am wounded and broken. We all are. We are self-conscious about our brokenness. We are sensitive and insecure, even embarrassed, about our woundedness. But we need not be. We are all wounded and broken. Why are we so surprised when we discover that a person is broken? Perhaps because we are so intent on ignoring our own brokenness…to pretend otherwise is to open ourselves to vast and ongoing to deception. …it’s okay that we are broken. It’s only a problem if we subscribe to the false notion that we have to try to keep everyone and everything from being broken…in our wasteful, consumption-addicted society we throw broken things away. So we don’t know what to do with our broken selves. What do we do with broken people, broken relationships broken institutions, broken families and of course, our very own broken selves?This is an important question… a more beautiful question holds the answer…Can something that has been broken be put back together in a way that makes it more beautiful than ever before? It may seem like an impossible proposition to our straight line, everything-in-its-place, secular minds. …marvel at how God doesn’t use straight lines or right-angles in nature. We invented right-angles to prop up our insecure humanity…

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