Roughnecks – 12.27.21



8 PAX came out to work off those Christmas cookies at Roughnecks this morning.
PAX: @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Ginsu @Bogo @Offsides @Cosmo @Chowdah – Community Outreach @O’Douls
QIC: @Heidi (1st F Q)
F3 Welcome & Disclaimer
Q Disclaimer: YHC realized this morning that he greatly underestimated the amounts of beer he would consume with his brother over the holiday weekend, and as such was coming into today's Q half hungover.  45 minutes of Good Morning's and looking up at the stars had been considered as today's workout.
SSH, Squats, Merkins, BACs, & stretches
Thang 1:
Ruck it to the flag pole, where we did a 5, 10, 15, 10, 5 pyramid of the following exercises, going through all of the exercises, then changing the number of reps for the next round.
Burpees (Ruck on)
Squats (Ruck on)
4-Count Mountain Climbers (Ruck on)
Merkins (Ruck on)
Thang 2:
Ruck back to the front parking lot, where we did:
10 Mike Tyson's
Bear crawl across lot
10 Squats
Politician back
RnR for 3-4 rounds, until Q called time.
Ended with a 5 minute round of Mary consisting of Flutter Kicks, Big Boy Situps, Ruck Humpers (AL Prom dates w/ ruck), American Hammers, a 1:30 plank, and maybe a couple of other things I forgot.
See #_announcements
New running AO starts this Friday at Station Hill Church
All of those sick with flu/Covid
This was hard. We have to do hard things in life. Face it, and do it.
Great work men!  Thanks for letting me show up and attempt to lead the Roughnecks this morning!
SYITG, Heidi

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