Heidi Week – Day 1 – Murph Monday – 5.17.21

Today we kicked off Heidi Week(TM) at Murph Monday with a slightly intensified Murph.

22 PAX got up and got after it this morning!
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QIC: Heidi

Warm-a-rama consisted of the usual GM, WMH, BAC/Back BAC, with a few Merkins and Squats thrown in.

Time to get our Murph on, but this time with a little twist to make it more fun. Instead of our regular 1 mile route, we would go out of the park and circle around the community center house and back to the playground. (According to @Three’s Company that is a 1/4 mile loop. I consider him to be a pretty stand-up guy who wouldn't lie to me about something like that. Unfortunately, according to @2Buck, @Three’s Company is a dirty filthy liar because it is actually .27 miles. I guess you just can't trust anyone anymore.)  After every lap the PAX would hit the playground for 2 sets of double-cindy's.

There was 1 rule: each PAX HAD to start each set of pullups on the bar. Even if you can't do a full pullup (yet!), you had to jump up and lower yourself down once. PAX were then allowed to modify with Underdogs after doing as many pullups as they could at the beginning of each set.
We split into 2 groups and 1 group started running while the other started the Cindy's, that way we weren't all standing in line waiting on the pullup bars.

Here's how it went down:

  • Mosey 1 lap
  • 10 pullups
  • 20 merkins
  • 30 squats
  • 10 pullups
  • 20 merkins
  • 30 squats
  • R-n-R

Now, if YHC didn't stink so bad at math, he would have remembered to tell everyone to run 2 laps instead of 1. Whatever, running is stoopid and math is hard, just get on the bar and do some more pullups. By the end of time I had done all 10 sets of Cindy's and run 5 laps.

I'm here all week! I've got 5 more Q's lined up so come on out and have some fun!
Uprising is moving to Longview Rec Center parking lot. This Chump Change is starting TOMORROW!
Armory is also moving to Longview Rec Center parking lot, starting THIS SATURDAY!
We are looking for 3-4 volunteers to head over to M'boro this Saturday to help them get their new AO off the ground.
THIS SATURDAY is our F3 Family Fun Run (5'ish K). See @choda for details.
Memorial Day is in 2 weeks, we will be having our regular Murph, but Nolensville is also having their annual Memorial Day Murph that several of us are going to.

Continued prayers for @odouls
@Tiny Dancer daughter woke up with a fever this morning
@Underroos wife's friend is showing some odd behavior
@Offsides daughter

Heidi's Heroes – each day this week I will be spotlighting a different hero. While the “Murph” workout is traditionally dedicated to Lt. Michael Murphy, today I wanted to remember Navy Seal Senior Chief Mike Day. I cranked up the intensity on the Murph in honor of the intense situations our brave troops and first responders encounter on a daily basis.

On April 6, 2007, Navy Seal Senior Chief Mike Day was shot 27 times by terrorists in a raid on high-level al Qaeda militants in Iraq. A fellow SEAL and Green Beret were both killed during the attack. Shot everywhere on his body but his head; his rifle shot out of his hands, he continued to fight with his 9MM pistol after the pistol grips and his thumb were shot off. With that handleless pistol, he killed the three remaining terrorists. By the time it was over, Day had been shot 16 times from a distance of within 10 feet, not counting the 11 rounds stopped by his body armor. Also suffering grenade shrapnel wounds that temporarily knocked him unconscious, Day was miraculously able to walk to the medevac helicopter on his own two feet. He spent the next two years recovering from his injuries, and still suffers lingering pain on a daily basis. Retired from the Navy, Day now works as a full-time advocate for wounded veterans and their families. (found on: https://www.thanktheseals.com/the-heroes/)

Gentlemen, it was an honor to lead you today. Let's do it again tomorrow!
SYITG, Heidi.

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