Heidi Week – Day 2 – Uprising Chump Change – 5.18.21

20 PAX came out to play at our new Uprising location this morning! (19 runners and 1 swimmer)
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We started with a few stretches, and then off we went.

We started off with a decent mosey pace and traveled as a group heading towards Lowe's, stopping at the Main St. intersection for a quick breather before playing Frogger across the street. We then moseyed non-stop to Armory Harvey Park, where YHC had a special 2 year anniversary workout planned! @Kwame wanted to do a lot of burpess, but I decided against it because this is a running AO and people didn't come out here to do burpees. So we did sprints instead.

We then took a page out of @Peewee's playbook of pain, which I also turned into a modified version of the “GRIFF” workout. (see below)

PAX lined up in 3 lines on one end of the Armory Harvey Park parking lot and started with non-stop SSH while the PAX at the front of the line sprinted to the other end of the lot and Politicianed back to the line where the PAX in front then took off on the sprint. We did about 3 rounds of this for time, then headed back to Longview Uprising/Armory/Home Base.

PAX were given a choice of the route back to the start, they could either head back the way we came (by Lowe's), or take a slightly shorter and slower route through neighborhoods. Little did they know that the neighborhood route consisted of hills. Along the way we had the easiest EH ever, when someone pulled up in a car and basically said “I want to be a part of this. How do I get involved with you guys?”

We met back up at Home Base just as time hit.

New Armory location starts THIS SATURDAY at Longview!
@Pancreas is looking for 3-4 guys to go to M'boro Saturday. Clown car leaves Port Royal Kroger at 5AM, gets back around 8AM. We had a great showing last week, and highly encourage anyone that's interested to go.
This Saturday is the F3 Family 5'ish K run at The TRAPP from 9:00am – 11am

All of the PAX that are out for illness, IR, or personal reasons

Heidi's Heroes – each day this week I will be spotlighting a different hero.  Today I wanted to remember USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the Rasheed district of Baghdad by an IED strike to his vehicle. The workout we did today was a modified version of the “GRIFF” workout (https://wodwell.com/wod/griff/) dedicated to him, which consists of an 800 meter Run, then a 400 meter Politician, and RnR for time.

Griffin was on patrol in central Baghdad when his vehicle encountered the roadside bomb. Griffin was working with the 732nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. As part of the squadron’s Detachment, Griffin and his fellow airmen were focused on helping build Iraq’s police force.  Col. Robert Suminsby, installation commander, said Griffin’s mission in Iraq was much more dangerous than what most airmen are confronted with. “Most deploy for four to six months. He actually volunteered to go on a 365-day tour. He was one of the folks that really stepped up to do not just a very dangerous and demanding mission, but one that was going to last a lot longer.”
This is just another reminder of the danger the brave men and women of our military and first responders face while trying to make this world a better place.

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