Fort Pain – 12.22.21

Battle of the Bulge
PAX: @SoulSurfer (Mon, Wed and Sat), @Operation, @Hot Mic (Tribute), @Jalisco, @Blackout, @Foosball (3rdFQ), @Tiny Dancer, @Reset, @Christmas Underoos, @Blue Buffalo, @Cosmo (YHC)
QIC: @Cosmo
Intro/Disclaimer – YHC made it a point to note that today was not about you. It's about the team. Also encouraged the PAX to push and encourage the man next to them today. Cover your six. We all step onto the battlefield together and we WILL all step off together.
5 Principles
Willie Mays Hayes
Good Mornings
Skywalkers – 5 Sec Holds
Moroccan Night Clubs
THANG 1 – Hold the Line
Mosey to Ab Field and form a line
60 Second Plank Hold
50 LBCs IC
60 Second Plank Hold
50 4-Count Flutters IC
60 Second Plank Hold
50 4-Count Mountain Climbers IC
60 Second Plank Hold
THANG 2 – We Stand Alone Together
Mosey to the Playhouse. Perform exercise OYO then run to light pole and back for the 6.
100 Squats
20 11 Motivators
50 Dips
Mosey back to flags, pulling in the 6 and finishing AS A TEAM.
2 reps of Failure to Launch then TIME!
Count Off/Name-o-Rama
Check #_announcements
Check #black_ops
Prayer Requests
@SoulSurfer (Mon, Wed and Sat)'s friend Thomas passed away yesterday.
@Christmas Underoos as they continue to IVF process.
@Offsides' daughter being sick.
@Tiny Dancer's daughter being sick.
@Blue Buffalo's sister-in-law.
@Hot Mic (Tribute)'s family experiencing Christmas without his father.
@Casanova and his M at the hospital RIGHT NOW having their baby boy.
Healing for our entire PAX and our Nation, both physically and in our hearts during this season.
3rd F Disclaimer/Not a Theologian
Moleskin – Battle of Lanzerath Ridge/Battle of the Bulge
YHC shared the story of the Battle of Lanzerath Ridge. You can review it on your own by looking it up on wikipedia. Key takeaways…
We rarely know or acknowledge the impact we have on the grander schemes of life. Our actions make an impact everyday and we rarely see the ripple effects. FIGHT FOR THE MAN IN THE FOXHOLE WITH YOU!
We all have our own Lanzerath Ridges. The defense seems futile, but we continue to defend because the alternative is death or even worse dishonor. Action is ALWAYS greater than inaction.
Lt. Bouck’s request to an author in 2014 was that he’d only cooperate with the book if his entire unit (by individual man) were also included and recognized. Let’s lift up the wins of us all. IT'S NOT ABOUT ME!
Memorial today in Belgium reads simply: Uncommon valor was a common valor. LET'S MAKE UNCOMMON VALOR MORE COMMON!
Brothers, I love each and every one of you. I am so git dang proud of y'all and the push today. My cup overfloweth with your fellowship, your inspiration, and your sacrifice for the team.
SYITG, Cosmo

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