Battalion – 12.22.21

9 HIM showed up to the frozen tundra for a jolly good ole time.  @Heidi (1st F Q), @Fertile Myrtleile, @Gouda, @Joey Freshwater, @Soul Glo, @Pancreas, @Ginsu, @Cross-Stitch
QiC: @MapQuest
F3 Disclaimer
F3 5 core principles
F3 Credo
50 SSH
Willy Mayes Hayes left & right
Michael Phelps
Thang 1
800 meter mosey around the track.  Paused 1/2 way to crank out 25 squats in remembrance of that stupid time @2nd F Kwame made us do a zillion along the same path.  @MapQuest had @Fertile Myrtle count in Japanese.  It was only appropriate.  We then proceeded until we arrived at the SE corner of the football field, where Thang 2 was waiting.
Thang 2
Introduction of the Red, White, and Blue Buckets of Doom
A total of 10 cones were placed every 20 yards down each sideline of the field (5 cones on each side).
Each cone marked the spot where a beat down would take place
Then the buckets were introduced.
Red bucket = cards with random numbers, ranging between 20 and 100
White bucket = cards with an exercise
Blue bucket = cards listing some mode of transportation
We each took turns pulling from the buckets that made up each unique exercise that we did together.
The lottery gave us:
40 burpees then 20 yrd. duck walk
60 WWII’s and 20 yrd. bear crawl
20 two-count Freddy Mercury’s and 20 yrd. bear crawl
75 LBC’s and 20 yrd. lunge walk
50 squats followed by 100% speed sprint to the other side of the field
30 four-count flutter kicks and 20 yrd. politician
40 Alabama prom dates then 20 yrd bear crawl
35 two-count American hammers and 20 yrd. Karaoke
25 monkey humpers and 20 year bear craw
And finally, thanks to @Soul Glo, 100 merkins until our arms fell off (and until time)
Dec 24th:  @Heidi (1st F Q) is leading a special #ao-battle-creek beatdown. Bring your sandbags.
Dec 25th:  @Hot Mic (Tribute) will be Q’ing #ao-armory for anyone interested for a Christmas morning beatdown.
Dec 29th:  @Fertile Myrtle needs help with loading up moving truck
Dec 30th:  @Fertile Myrtle needs help unloading moving truck at new home.
Dec 31st:  Launch of the new F3 Spring Hill running AO!  5:30am, location will be The Church of Station Hill.  Name of AO to be revealed.  Show to know.
Prayer Requests
@Soul Glo:  Christmas rush and stress, relax, opportunities for all of us to experience gratitude
@Pancreas:  for all the PAX who have a hard time during the holidays.  That they experience joy.
For all the PAX who have experienced a loss of a loved one this year.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to you during this season. God bless you brothers!
We can learn a lot about what to do and not do by looking back at certain events throughout history.  When reading through biblical history, Moses (a great leader) lead the Israelites for years in the wilderness on their search for the Promised Land.  But, the lack of obedience by the Israelites, and Moses’ own shortcomings, actually held them back from receiving that promise for decades.  It wasn't until after the death of Moses came another great leader.  Joshua.  Joshua also was a great leader who remained obedient to God, which ultimately allowed the Israelites to enter the Promised Land.
What's the point here?  For me, I can often get overwhelmed (and even confused) seeing my relationship with Christ as a list of to-do’s and check boxes.  But it's actually just the opposite.  His grace is more than sufficient, and in return my obedience to His word (loving Him and loving people) is what keeps my relationship with Christ in growth mode. As men we must make a daily decision to choose obedience. It's easier said than done.  But choosing obedience is what sets apart the foolish boys from the godly and courageous men.  Men, let's choose to be the latter and keep encouraging one another on this journey.  Our M’ s and 2.0’s need us.  Our co-workers need us.  Our communities and faith family need us.  And we need each other.  Let's choose obedience to Him, and be grateful for His grace along the way.

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