Fort Pain – 7.07.21

21 men came out for their mid-week taste of pain! Big T-Claps to the guys who completed the Queen baseline AND the beatdown!
PAX: @Blackout @Cosmo @2Buck @Soul Glo @Joey Freshwater @Foosball @Offsides @Corncob @Tijuana @Olive @Paperboy @ToeJam @Cross-Stitch @Night Light @Heidi @Jalisco @Operation @fancyfeast @Peewee @Procter @Flash Dance
FNGs: None
Q: @Operation

Queen baseline was still wrapping up, so did squats and merkins while we waited for @Night Light to finish beast mode on the plank. Mosey down the path to the back of the park, stopping for burpees and stretches. Arrive at the base of the hill atop which PeeWee’s Playhouse stands.

Hill Dora
Partner up to complete the following, taking turns doing reps while the other partner runs up the hill by the playhouse, does 2 burpees, then runs back down:
100 Atomic merkins
200 2-ct mountain climbers
200 jump squats

Early finishers got to repeats the same exercises with rep counts of 5/10/10 until all in.
35 American Hammers (4-count)
2-Team Catch A Bear If You Can
Split into two teams – it’s a race to the finish, starting in the circle near the playhouse. Both teams bear crawl single file lines down the road, with the last PAX in each line starting the race with 5 merkins. Then that PAX sprints to the front of their line to bear crawl, tapping the PAX at the back to start merkins as they pass.

Mosey back to the start for J-Los and big boy sit-ups until time.

Check earlier slack messages to sign up for @Baby Gap’s meal train
Check out the new AOs! Starting tomorrow at #ao-proving-grounds.
Prayer Requests
@Cosmo’s work

I find that as I stumble through failures in life, I let them define me and bring my spirit down. I internalize lower self-worth if I screw up at work, speak harshly to my family, or otherwise not live up to expectations for myself. I think many men do this – but we all need to know that even though we fail, that doesn’t make us failures. A lyric that has been running through my head is from the song The Father’s House: “Failure won’t define me, because that’s what my father does.” We are all individually made by God to be where we are around the people we are around, and failures are simply a part of life that gives us an opportunity to put our trust in God and become wiser. You are not your failures – you are a child of God that is loved unconditionally.

Op Out

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