Fort Paincreas – 6.30.21

18 HIMs and the BOX OF PAIN got stronger and sharper in the Gloom this morning.
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The Q dug deep in the Panxicon for this beatdown, starting with Warmarama:
Windmill Vigoda Mornings
10 4-ct Imperial Walkers, in honor of @Tiny Dancer
10 L&S squats
10 Merkins
10 4-ct SSH
10 star jumps
Lap around the Pain Ground to the flag pole

The Thang
At the flagpole, Q revealed the BOX OF PAIN and called for victims…er…volunteers to select a card from inside. The rules: victim MUST take from the top (we call this @Peewee’s Rule), and victim MUST read loud and clear for all to hear (to spread Paincreas Cheer).

Card #1: Concert in the Park
PAX moseyed to the amphitheater, which marked the first time in Fort Pain history that this park feature has ever been used in a beatdown.
50 dips, 50 derkins, 100 high-knee foot taps on bench or ledge. Foot Taps provided a bittersweet symphony for the PAX.

Of course, everyone knows this stands for Bear Crawls Crawl Bears On A Hill Merkins At Bottom Froggy Mountain Climbers At Top 5 Of Everything.
'Nuff said.

Card #3: Native American Heritage Shoulder Tapping Bear Crawls in a Ditch
PAX lined up side-by-side straddling the ditch in Merkin/Carolina Dry Dock formation. PAX performed shoulder taps while the HIM at back of the line bear crawled in the ditch underneath the shoulder-tapping PAX until he reached the front of the line. Then the HIM joined the front of the line doing shoulder taps while the next person at back of the line bear crawled to the front. PAX repeated the process until each HIM had a turn crawling the ditch.

Card #4: Sprint Burpee Sprint
Q borrowed a classic from @Heidi (aka Fluffy Boy) and dialed up the MOT from running to sprinting. On the paved road heading up toward @Peewee's Playhouse, PAX sprinted the length between the “No Parking” stencils on the pavement, stopping at each stencil for 3 burpees. When PAX reached the top stencil, Q called for PAX to return to the six at the 2nd-to-last stencil to get one more set of burpees and sprints. Then mosey to the Field of Pain for:

Card #5: Dirt Bag Drag (and Push) (While partners lunge walk and broad jump) (1/3 of field each)
Form teams of 3. Using the bags of sand, soil, and much provide by the Q, one HIM dragged the bag for 1/3 of the field while one partner lunge walked and the other partner broad jumped. The teams rotated through the cycle until the opposite end of the field was reached. The PAX then pushed the bags back to the original end of the field and again rotated through the cycle of 3 exercises.

With 4 minutes left, Q called PAX to circle up for Mary, allowing @Jalisco and @Ginsu to call the exercises, in honor of their completion of Grit Lab ab challenge this month. @Jalisco called 30 BBSU's and @Ginsu called 40 2-ct Flutter Kicks. When finished, Q called continuous FK's for the remaining 40 seconds. TIME!

7/2 – First Fridays in Columbia to promote Darkhorse AO opening on 7/10
7/10 – Darkhorse opens! @Offsides and @Peewee HC'd to be there. They cut their hands with a rusty pocket knife and shook on it – no going back now!
7/3 – @Ginsu 's fireworks extravaganza. See Slack for details
7/17 & 8/7 – Rucking events, including the Rucking CSAUP on 8/7. Get your ruck on and see @Cosmo for details
7/2 – Beacon Hill is this Friday. Make sure the read the Q Source material beforehand on Shield Lock, Whetstone, and Mammon

Prayer Requests:
@Ginsu 's M's mother has breast cancer surgery on Thursday, July 1st
@Billy Madison 's daughter safe travels
@Baby Gap will be gone 7/6 – 7/26. Pray for him, his M, and 2.0's during his absence. Sign up for the meal train to support this family!
@Blackout 's M's pregnancy and the baby due in 1 month. Prayers for comfort, safety, and health.
@MapQuest 's trip with family. Praying for family time and bonding.
Moleskin – Whetstone (Q Source Q1.8)
Q first encouraged the PAX to take ownership of the material and read it for themselves, which Accelerates learning. Essentially, the whetstone is the mentoring process by which a Stone (older PAX) mentors a Blade (younger PAX), and a sharpening effect takes place. This is a 1:1 relationship and is critical for growth of each man. The 3 P's from Shield Lock apply to Whetstone, and within the Purposeful section, Q summed up an important concept of Whetstone: “…it must have a particular Outcome in mind: the Acceleration of the Blade's Preparedness. The Stone's task within the Whetstone is to help the Blade get ready for the expected and be ready for the unexpected by both encouraging him to turn Pro and providing him with the Bricks he will need to build his own Guardrails. Just as a Workout should Accelerate the HIM's Fitness, the Whetstone should Accelerate the Blade's proper personal alignment.

Grateful to lead the PAX this morning and had fun with you all! We all worked hard and got better together. #goPro #M2A
SYITG, Paincreas

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