Armory – 12.4.21

Conditions: Full on misty gloom – great!
PAX: 29! @Jalisco @Gouda @Thin Mint @Ginsu @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Soul Glo @Operation @2nd F Kwame @FICO @MapQuest @Snooki @Three’s Company @Fertile Myrtle @Ron Swanson @ragdoll @Foosball (3rdFQ) @Pre-K @Rudolph @Heidi (1st F Q) DarkKnight B&E (DR from Raleigh) @Earhart @Toastmaster @Tiny Dancer Spidey @Timeshare @Cosmo @Pancreas
QiC: @Lone Star
Disclaimer (I tried my best ya'll!)
Imperial Walkers
Hillbilly Walker
Run 1 mile(ish) to the building containing McAlister's and Luis Barber (PTSD for @Pancreas)
Split the group. Each group to a stairwell to crawl bear up and then bear crawl down. Squats while you wait. Lots of complaints here!
Muzaq: Lone Star's F3 Hip Hop playlist!
4 Rounds – 10 Reps each exercise  
Lunges – 2 count
Run Lap going up the stairs on the far end across the balcony then down the stairs on the near end.
Last set we all did together in unison
1 last Burpee for the road
Run 1 mile back to Longview lot
Flutter Kicks until the six
High Plank into Mountain climbers ic -15
Plank Jacks ic – 10
AL prom dates ic – 20
Hello Dolly’s ic – 15
Monkey Humpers ic – 20
Freddy Mercury’s ic -15
1 Burpee to finish it out  
Bonfire tonight at 5 at Ragdoll’s place
Canterbury Christmas Parade at 9am
F3 Muletown Christmas parade tonight
Prayer Requests:
@Cosmo's nephew had a CT scan and has diagnosis of partial hearing loss
@Chowdah – Community Outreach running 50 mile race this morning
@F3-Mary Ann dealing with COVID
@FICO's brother who is currently deployed overseas
As it is the month of December, which is of course the month we celebrate Christmas, I wanted to reflect on a name for God which is Immanuel. Immanuel meaning “God with us.” The reason to reflect on this is because Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birth and the time God sent his Son to be amongst the people on earth. An ultimate display of His love us and give us the best example to be modeled for us. The prophecy was fulfilled with His birth and he became “God with us,” Immanuel.  
The big announcement was me passing along the Armory AOQ to our brother @Three’s Company. A true HIM who will lead and accelerate Armory into the next chapter for F3SH!
Loved leading today, LS out!

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