armory – 12.18.21

21 Pax helped me celebrate my 1 year with F3
Including 1 FNG
@Ginsu, @Hot Mic (Tribute), @Cosmo, @O’Douls, @Soul Glo, @2nd F Kwame. @al roker, @Offsides @Tiny Dancer @Jalisco @Pancreas @FICO @Earhart @Peewee (TRAPP) @Timeshare @Three’s Company @Chowdah – Community Outreach @Casanova @Night Light FNG @busboy. And YHC @Fertile Myrtle on Q.
good mornings
Willie mayes hayes
Mountain climbers
BACs and Bac bacs
Mosey to the front of the playground
Warmarama Part Dos:
Partnered up in random groups of two
Partner sets of the following:
Partner 1 ran one lap around the outside border of the playground while partner 2 performed the following, swapping roles upon lap completion
Merkins – non stop
Tablet of Terror. Unlike the @Pancreas  Box of Pain that strikes fear into the hearts of the Pax each time a goody is pulled out, The Tablet (whiteboard) lays out the forthcoming drudgery right from the get-go.
Each PAX performed the following OYO:
Air Squat x 10
Big Boy Sit-ups x 20
Burpees x 30
Merkins x 40
Tricep dips (using picnic tables) x 50
LBCs x 60
High Knees x 70 (one count)
Freddie Mercuries x 80
Al Gore x 90 seconds
Flutter Kicks x 100 (one count)
Air Press x 100 (air is heavier than I thought)
Air Squats x 90
American Hammers x 80
Baby Arm Circles x 70
Plank x 60 seconds
Gassers – 50 yard “sprints” x 12 sets
Flutter Kicks x 40 (one count)
Merkins x 30
‘Bama Proms x 20
Cherry Pickers (end of the rainbow      gift!) x 10
Upon completion, PAX were instructed to run loops around the school or finish with other PAX that weren't done.
After all Pax finished we ran a loop around the school and headed back to flags.
@Hot Mic (Tribute)  on Q Christmas day if anyone wants to join him.
Check slack
@F3-Mary Ann toy drive
@Cosmo sister and her husband's 2.0
@Jalisco aunt lost her husband
@Soul Glo 2.0 birthday
I did have a Moleskin but phone issues squashed that. It is a prayer you can use for anyone or yourself that is looking for a breakthrough.
Father, we thank You today for the evidence of your presence in our hearts. We thank You for the peace that passes all understanding, that guards our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. I thank You today that Your voice is calling out now to someone who has felt very far away from You. They’ve been unable to pray, they haven’t been able to sing, they just can’t seem to break the barrier. It’s been seeming for them lately like You disappeared and they know better, but they just can’t seem to come out from under the burden. There’s been so much doubt that has set in and they need a breakthrough.
God, I pray for breakthrough in their life this moment in the name of Jesus. I’m praying for the one who’s barely been able to get out of bed. I’m praying for the one who can’t pray for themself. I thank You that Your Spirit groans with us. When we don’t have words, You understand the things we don’t say. You know the needs that we don’t mention.
I don’t know who I’m praying for today, but You do, Lord. It is my belief, my strong conviction, that You are big enough to meet every need and personal enough to call every name. So Lord, do the thing today that they cannot do. I ask that the thing they woke up worried about, that You would just do a work right now in that situation that would amaze them. I pray for testimonies this week of people saying, “God did it for me. I had given up on it, but God did it for me.”
In fact, God, Your reputation is so good with us, we’re not gonna wait for You to work it out, we’re gonna praise You by faith right now for what You did, for what You are doing, and for what You’re gonna do. But most of all, we give you the praise for who You are. Amen
Sorry if I missed anything. My phone seems to be completely ruined.
Thanks for all the guys that have been a part of this year with me. I truly love and appreciate the blessings that you have been to me and my family. It was an honor to lead.
FM, out

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