Roughnecks 12.20.21

It’s a Wonderful Life
PAX: @Night Light, @Ginsu, @Offsides, @Bubba Gump, @Hot Mic (Tribute)
QIC: @Cosmo
Pre-Party (Just shy of 4 miles at a 15:01 pace): @Night Light, @Offsides, @Ginsu, @Cosmo (YHC)
5 Principles
Free of Charge
Open to all Men
Held Outdoors
Peer Led
Ends with COT
Willie Mays Hayes
TRIVIA – What address did George and Mary Bailey live at? (320 Sycamore). FAILED – 20 Ruck On Hand Release Merkins IC.
THANG 1 – 320 Sycamore
Dora. Pair Up. One partner will shuffle w/ ruck around parking lot curb while other partner works, alternating.
100 Ruck Overhead Presses
100 WW1s w/ Ruck
100 Squats w/ Ruck
20 Second Ruck Hold Leg Lift (EACH PARTNER DOES)
TRIVIA – In what ear was George Bailey deaf in? (Left). SUCCESS. (Kudos to @Offsides)
THANG 2 – All Lefts
Grab a sandbag and ruck long lap (little over .5 mile) around park only taking lefts. Team Offsides/Cosmo took on the 80# while the other two pairs took a 60# each.
TRIVIA – What is the full name of Bailey’s bank? (Bailey Brothers Building & Loan Association). FAILED – Took turns doing 60×60 two at a time.
THANG 3 – Run on the Bank
Slick sprint parking lot and back.
Sets are in reps in 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 -25 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5
Sprint parking lot in between each set. Do merkins for the 6. Sprints done as a group.
Ruck swings
Ruck pull throughs
Ruck hold flutter kicks
TRIVIA – Who played George Bailey? (Jimmy Stewart). FAILED but saved by the bell.
Count Off/Name-o-Rama
Next Monday we have @Rudolph on Q and later that AM we have a Black Ops strict ruck led by @Blackout. Check #black_ops for details.
@Ginsu and YHC are planning some Roughnecks black ops/events for the next few months as we train for GrowRuck.
Prayer Requests
@Offsides' youngest daughter as she battles a double eye infection AND double ear infection. Prayers also for his M as she handles things on the home front. Additionally, prayers for his truck that held a used diaper overnight.
@Hot Mic (Tribute)'s daughter for her continued recovery and praise that the new treatment is working significantly better.
3rd F Disclaimer
YHC shared his favorite Christmas film, It's a Wonderful Life. At the end, Guardian Angel Clarence Odbody delivers a note to George Bailey that reads: Remember no man is a failure who has friends. YHC shared his worst Jester which is quick to anger, short fuse, rage/wrath, grudge holding, etc. YHC fell victim to that Jester in recent weeks when he felt slighted/attacked by two HIM he highly respects and looks up to. Failed to seek first to understand before seeking to be understood. Once that anger is let out of the tube, can't recall it. YHC has been processing that moment and those emotions of negativity over the past several weeks and will continue to do so. Ultimate point being that George Bailey eventually failed to see the impact he had on the lives of others and took every trial, tribulation, or even slight misstep as a slight against him which is sort of selfish. Instead, these moments are affirmations of our strengths and proof we're on the right path, whether we realize it or not.
Go forth today and be a Bailey. Have impact on the lives around you. Do not dwell on the “What If's” of your life. Carry with you an unbridled sense of a joy and positivity. Step up when called upon by your friends, family, and community.
SYITG, Cosmo.

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