Armory – 01.24.2020

12 PAX pushed through the soggy, damp, and chilly gloom on Saturday morning to sharpen each other and get stronger together! @Kwame @Lone Star @Operation @Joey Freshwater @Tiny Dancer @Ron Swanson @FICO @Bogo FNG @ragdoll @packer @dustycrophopper (who I mistakenly called Mr. Roboto numerous times):man-facepalming::skin-tone-3: and @Pancreas on Q.

In an effort to strengthen different muscle groups and areas of our bodies, we focused on many side-to-side movements.

Mosey half-lap
Imperial walker squats
Lateral Straddle Hops
Lateral lunges
Jokers (mumblechatter quote “is this a joke?”)
High-kick toe touches
Spidey merkins (we miss you, @Pop-A-Lock!)

Mosey to collect coupons then drop at newly dubbed Stonehenge area
Partner up
Take turns alternating Side shuffle surrenders (40 cumulative) while other partner runs half-lap
Stonehenge Grip Test (press hands on sides of coupon, no supporting underneath)
15 Squeeze rows with coupon
15 Squeeze incline chest press with coupon
Rinse and repeat both
Partner work
Side shuffle plank up/down in soggy grass while partner runs to flag loop and does basketball drill side shuffle. Lead with one leg around half of loop then switch to other leg leading the second half of the loop. Run back to relieve partner. Each partner was blessed with two sets in the grass and two trips around the loop. Lateral merkins putting weight on outside arm. Alternate between arms while partner takes a trip on the path doing lateral crab walks. This proved difficult for many and shows WE NEED TO DO MORE lateral crab walks in the future to get stronger!! Dusty was on my tail like a spider monkey!

Core to the Core!
Plank mogul oblique hop thingies (30? 20?)
Cross-tap pikes x20 (did I reduce to 15? Maybe)
Plank knee to opposite elbow kicks x20 (@ragdoll had a name for these)
Froggy mountain climbers: 20 then 15 then 10
@Ron Swanson American hammers, then nearly @Lone Star American Hammers, but ended up being @ragdoll American Hammers. Strong finish, Burnsie!!!

Return coupons and mosey to cars for COT and Coffeeteria courtesy of @Bogo

Discussed date for April Crucible, still TBD
Extended group prayer, largely for those fighting leukemia or other types of cancer.  Prayed for Dark Knight to heal from the flu. As always, prayed to be men, husbands, fathers, friends, and workers who serve God faithfully and bring glory to Jesus.

I’m continually grateful for all you guys and to be part of this special group. Thanks for putting up with my quirkiness and ideas for new moves. Just want to keep things fun, fresh, and challenging. Not many circles in life does someone (@Kwame) say, “that was miserable” and mean it as a compliment – or at least that’s how I took it. :thinking_face::muscle::skin-tone-3:

SYITG, Pancreas :crossed_swords:

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