Black Ops Tropic Thunder Beatdown – 01.15.2020

2 PAX took advantage of a warmer than average January morning for an impromptu Tropic Thunder beatdown: @Heidi and @Operation, at TS park.

Warm-up with some SSH, side shuffle, merkins and stretching.

Test Mile – push our speed over a mile around the park’s gravel trail.


  • 50 pull-ups / negatives
  • 100 merkins
  • 150 Apollo Onos
(@Heidi said something about “merk-ups”, which sounded scary)

Plank walk (switching orientation every 5 “steps”) for about 30 yards

Superman – Banana. Saved this for the end just to make sure we got nice and soaked. Lay on the ground and switch between looking like a banana on your back and Superman on your belly.

American Hammer for the last minute

A huge shoutout to @Heidi for coming out this morning, and to the F3 community as a whole, because this group has been encouraging and keeping me accountable. Getting out with you guys is a highlight of the week.

Op out

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